Amy Sumida

Author of The Godhunter Series
There's a world you don't know about. A world connected to ours, within ours, surrounding ours. A world of gods, goddesses, vampires, shapeshifters, and faeries. They walk among us, live among us, and you have no idea who they really are. I want to open your eyes, take you on a journey through the realms, and make you a part of the real worlds. Now's the time for you to see, to feel, and experience it all. Just take my hand and follow me.
It's time for the Hunt to begin.

Book 13 has just been released!
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Ambrosia, the source of immortality for the Greek gods. It's creation is a secret, held only by Zeus himself, and he's held that secret over the heads of his fellow gods for years, giving ambrosia only to those who agree to serve him. Now the Godhunter has gotten wind of his monopoly on immortality and although she normally fights for humanity, this time she's going to make an exception and fight for the gods. But Zeus isn't the only storm brewing, Vervain is having strange visions, her nine-pointed star is behaving oddly, and something powerful is stirring in the Faerie Realm. Like tracing after thunder, the solution to all her problems seems to be just beyond her reach.

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Book 12 of The Godhunter Series :
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The Godhunter enters the Realm of Dreams.

The excitement continues as Vervain discovers that even her dreams are no longer safe.

Vervain Lavine, Godhunter, Witch, Shapeshifter, Goddess, and Faerie. Life has become a little confusing with so many labels but the one place Vervain could always find sanctuary was in her dreams. Now even that is taken from her when an unknown god starts hunting the Godhunter in her sleep.

Then there's Odin, or rather Griffin, who has yet to remember his true past or the part Vervain played in it. Add to that the assembling of a mutant army led by a rampaging Indian in a suit, and you have a recipe for an epic nightmare. If only she could get a moment's rest, Vervain might be able to deal with it all but even in Faerie she can't escape. Between the dark fey and her dark dreams, Vervain can find no solace and sleeping has become only another way to die.

The saga continues, taking the Godhunter across the realms and through her dreams. Join the adventure!

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I'm going to tell you a secret. The gods are real. All of them. And they want you dead. Yes, you. Don't take it personally, they want all of us dead. Well, maybe not all of us but most of us. Why? Because we loved them once.
We used to sacrifice to them. Food, animals, ourselves. Not so much anymore. We've forgotten them but they haven't forgotten us. They need us, need the energy we gave them through sacrifice, energy they used to gain magic, power, and immortality. See, the gods aren't gods without us.
So they came up with a plan. War. If we went to war against each other, they could take the dead for sacrifice. It was a good plan, it worked well. That is until a little witch from Hawaii found out.
Now they've got a problem. Her name is Vervain Lavine. She's nothing terribly special. She doesn't have super powers. What she does have is a little magic and the determination to free us from the manipulations of the gods.
Join the fight and help her save us all.

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