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House Decoration Software

house decoration software
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30th Avenue Christmas Decorations
30th Avenue Christmas Decorations
I shot this on the way home from the New Year's Day Open House. I wanted a night shot of the lights and used my little Canon S90 because it worked pretty well with low light. It worked well, but I still used Topaz DeNoise 5 to eliminate any noise that was present. It gives the photo a nice, smooth look. This is 30th Avenue in Astoria, NY looking east from the 30th Avenue train station on 31st Street.
Balcony Stairway Decoration
Balcony Stairway Decoration
At the Finke Theatre in California, Missouri, a renovated old opera house built in 1885. p.s. I dressed this picture up a little bit and cropped it a bit with some software. The picture, however, remains just as it came straight out of the camera.

house decoration software
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