Decorating Ideas For White Walls

decorating ideas for white walls
    white walls
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Rangoli Colors for Diwali
Rangoli Colors for Diwali
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of India. These are decorative designs made on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals and are meant as sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities.[1] The ancient symbols have been passed on through the ages, from each generation to the one that followed, thus keeping both the art form and the tradition alive. Rangoli and similar practices are followed in different Indian states; in Tamil Nadu, one has Kolam,[2] Madanae in Rajasthan, Chowkpurna in Northern India, Alpana in Bengal, Aripana in Bihar, and so on. The purpose of Rangoli is decoration and it is thought to bring good luck. Design-depictions may also vary as they reflect traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each area. It is traditionally done by women, but over the years modern additions have been adapted. Generally, this practice is showcased during occasions such as festivals, auspicious observances, celebrations of marriages and other similar milestones and gatherings. Rangoli designs can be simple geometric shapes, deity impressions, flower and petal shapes (appropriate for the given celebrations), but they can also become very elaborate designs crafted by numerous people. The base material is usually dry or wet granulated rice or dry flour, to which Sindoor (vermilion), Haldi (turmeric) and other natural colors can be added. Chemical colors are a modern variation. Other materials include colored sand and even flowers and petals, as in the case of Flower Rangolis. Contents [hide] °Alpana° is another name for a type of rangoli. The ancient Mohen-jo-daro and Harappan civilizations also had Alpana. Vatsyayan Alpana's work - the formula is described in Chausst arts (The most ancient folk art). The word 'Alpana' is derived from the Sanskrit 'Oalanpeen' which means "to plaster." In ancient times people believed that these funds artistic painting the town and villages - are able to contain cereal is full of magical effects and reserve assets. This approach was Alpana art practiced on religious and social occasions. Many fast or worship, which is given the Alpana. Swami Anand Kumar, who are called scholars of Indian art, modern folk art of Bengal's view that the direct link is from 5000 years ago; the art of Mohen-jo-daro. Waratchari movement and Bangla folk art and culture scholar Gurushay generator according to Dutt, the lotus flower Bengali women make between their Alpanooan, and the lotus flower of Mohen-jo-daro is a replica. Some other scholars are of the opinion that Alpana Astrik people in our culture, such as shaved species come from, which in this country many years before the arrival of Aryans were living. According to the ancient and traditional folk arts of Bangladesh's agricultural era standing. At that time some people believe that gods had some magical effects, which in practice would have been a good harvest and Priatatmaaey had run away because of Alpana. Inspired by these traditional Aleknoan Acharya Awneendranath Tagore Shantiniketan art building with other subjects of painting - this art also made a compulsory subject. Today this art is known as Alpana of Shantiniketan. The blonde goddess in art will enjoy the memorable name of the mother are considered Alpana Shantiniketan. Rangoli is a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs. It is considered an important part of the spiritual process. why the various gifts and sacrifices in the 'altar' are created when creating the ??????. Rural Anchaloan home - yard Buharkar Llypane still exists after the custom of making rangoli. Land - called the purification of the spirit and prosperity lies behind it. Alpana philosophy of life which symbolizes the impermanence of knowing with full enthusiasm and devotion present wished to live with Sumngl remains constant. The knowing that tomorrow it will be washed, which is the purpose, he wished to be the greatest. Additional house festivals - family occasions or just like any other Manglik say that the art of decorating rangoli is now not only limited to Pujagrah. Women with great passion and enthusiasm in every room of the house and make rangoli at the entrance. The hobby itself the basis of his fiction is already there, eternally; innovative creation is symbolic of the spirit. Rangoli created with icons such as the swastika, lotus flower, Lakshmiji step (Pegalie) etc. are considered indicators of prosperity and Mangalkamn. Many homes today, ahead of Dewalyoan Rangoli is made daily. Customs - customs Sshajti - ??????? The art has also become a part of modern families. Introduction of diversified interest in craftsmanship and artistic home - decor created for almost all except the few ??????? ?????? are a symbol of human spirit. And thus an important means to realize our cultural feelings are considered. Rangoli symbolizes joy and happiness Rangamayie expressions. Rangoli art is an adornment or decoration that has di
Skulls & portuguese tiles
Skulls & portuguese tiles
Close-up of skulls , bones and portuguese tiles in Capela dos Ossos ( Chapel of Bones) in Evora, Portugal. (Best viewed in large) The Capela dos Ossos (16th century) was built by a Franciscan monk who wanted to transmit the idea of the transitory character of life. This is we can read in the warning at the entrance "Nos ossos que aqui estamos pelos vossos esperamos" (“We bones here, for yours await”). The walls of this lugubrious place are "decorated" in carefully arranged bones and skulls held together by cement. The number of skeletons of monks was calculated to be ± 5000, coming from the cemeteries inside several chappels, monasteries and churches. The highlights ;-), however, are two desiccated corpses, one of which is a child, dangle from a chain. A poem about the meaning existence, by Fr. Antonio da Ascencao, is hanged on one pillar of the chappel: (Portuguese) Aonde vais, caminhante, accelerado? Para...nao prosigas mais avante; Negocio, nao tens mais importante, Do que este, a tua vista apresentado. Recorda quantos desta vida tem passado, Reflecte em que teras fim similhante, Que para meditar causa he bastante Terem todos mais nisto parado. Pondera, que influido d'essa sorte, Entre negociacoes do mundo tantas, Tao pouco consideras na morte; Porem, se os olhos aqui levantas, Para...porque em negocio deste porte, Quanto mais tu parares, mais adiantas. (English) Where are you going in such a hurry traveler? Pause … do not advance your travel; You have no greater concern, Than this one: that on which you focus your sight. Recall how many have passed from this world, Reflect on your similar end, There is good reason to reflect If only all did the same. Ponder, you so influenced by fate, Among all the many concerns of the world, So little do you reflect on death; If by chance you glance at this place, Stop … for the sake of your journey, The more you pause, the further on your journey you will be.

decorating ideas for white walls
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