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My Favorites - Detail

My very first time to Oslo happened to coincide with a music festival that turned the streets of Oslo into one giant all-night concert.  Somewhere around sunset (i.e. midnight), I landed at this place - the only "indoor" cigar venue in the city.  The cigars were a little stale, but the people - and the service - was terrific.  

Guy's blog is a tremendous source of inspiration and insight - he is interested in getting to the heart of why technology matters, and who it matters to. 

This place on 8 Ave has closed - which is a tragedy - the result of the landlords putting up the rent.  When Francine and I lived in NYC, we came here all the time for huevos rancheros and the world's best-tasting bacon, washed down with Ting - Jamaican grapefruit soda. 

I'm bullish on Singapore - I love the place. And this "hawker stall meets 5 star buffet" restaurant is reason enough to visit Singapore all by itself.  In air-conditioned, Grand Hyatt-like surroundings, you can sample the best food Asia has to offer.  Try the roti prata - ask for it fresh.     

Has there ever been a better "second act" than this? 

I discovered Gamla Stan entirely by accident, after booking into a hotel that happened to be located just around the corner from the Nobel museum.  My goodness, what a terrific place to visit - and walk around.  If you like visiting the old parts of Venice, Rome, Paris and Lausanne, you'll love Gamla Stan.  

My old boss, John Cusick at WorldSpace, first introduced me to this hotel, on Rue de Berri, near the Arch de Triomphe, back in 1996.  It is, in my opinion, the nicest place to meet and eat (and sleep) in Paris.  It is also somewhat famously known as the last place Robert de Niro ever slept in (or will sleep in) in that city. 

The best seafood restaurant in Rome, possibly the world.   

I just made my first $25 investment at  I love the idea of this site - everyone should go there.  My only criticism if I have one is that there seem to be a lot of people asking for money so they can buy more stock or raw ingredients - I'm not sure how that translates into a return over time, but as the first microfinance site for the masses, is a great way to publicize the need.