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Johann Conrad Ruskauff and Anna Elisabeth Freker - Family Group Sheet
Heinrich Wilhelm Ruskauff and Maria Engel Dierker (Diercker) - Family Group Sheet

There are many ways that Ruskauff and Freker have been spelled in documents in the United States, Netherlands and Germany, and in letters and family histories. Some of the spelling variations found include:  

Freker, Frecker, Friday, Freitag, Froeker, Fraker, Freeker, Fräker, Frerker
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Ruskauff, Ruskuff, Ruskaff, Ruskauf, Rüsko, Rüskou, Rußkaup, Rußkauf, Rüscou, Rostock, Ruskaup, Ruskamp, Ruskaup, Rußkamp, Russcoup, Russkof, Ruskhof, Ruskoff, Roskeupp, Roskauff, Roskamp, Roscoff, Rosknop, Roßkamp, Rosskaup, Roschkhauf, Roskauff

The name Ruskauff comes from the Niederdeutsch dialect and may mean "horse buyer."

John Conrad Ruskauff married Anna Elizabeth Freker on November 17, 1846 at St. Philomena Catholic Church, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Towns where John and Anna and/or their children have lived:

  • Bissendorf, Landkreis Osnabrück, Niedersachsen, Germany
  • Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
    (*not* Philadelphia)
  • Township of Westford, Richland County, Wisconsin
  • Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
  • Cazenovia, Sauk/Richland Counties, Wisconsin
  • Riverside, Riverside County, California
  • Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California
  • Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
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Ruskauffs that left the Osnabrueck area of Niedersachsen, Germany and emigrated to Holland/Netherlands

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Mary Ruskauff Mohelnitzky Milfred
Mary Christine Ruskauff (1854-1936) was married to 
Anton Mohelnitzky (1st husband) and George Milfred (2nd husband). 

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Their children:
Alfred Ruskauff (1845- )
Maria Catharine Ruskauff (1850- )
Georg Heinrich Ruskauff (1851 - )
John Mathias Ruskauff (1852-1903)
Hellena Amalia Ruskauff (abt 1859 - 1861)
Frank Wilhelm Ruskauff (1861-1941)
Celia Mary Ruskauff Keegan (1862-1931)
Herman Apolonaris Ruskauff (1868-1939)
George C. Ruskauff (1870-1954)

The Insbruch/Inssbrueck/Innsbruck rumor

The Freker and Ruskauff family and ancestors of  Johann Conrad Ruskauff and Anna Elisabeth Freker never lived in Innsbruck (or Insbruch/Inssbrueck) which is located in Tyrol, Austria. The "Insbruch, Hanover" rumor started with a late 1970s Diocese of Pittsburgh letter to Regis E Ruskauff which had a false transcription of Pittsburgh church records. The records at Pittsburgh are not allowed to be photocopied, so one can only rely on the skills of the person transcribing records at the diocese office. When we requested more research in 2007, the county where Ruskauff and Freker families lived was correctly transcribed as "Osnabruck, Hannover." One baptism record was transcribed as "Besendorf," a misspelling of the town named "Bissendorf" in the county of Osnabrueck.

In Germany, the records for this family were found by me in the county of Osnabrueck (Osnabrück), in the state of Niedersachsen. This area of Germany was formerly known as the Kingdom of Hanover (or Königreich Hannover).

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