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Top Hotel Booking Sites

top hotel booking sites
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GUEST HOUSE marrakech,cool riad by black zitoun:riad dar najat!riad jacuzzi with wifi and excellent gastronomy on site.
GUEST HOUSE  marrakech,cool riad by black zitoun:riad dar najat!riad jacuzzi with wifi and excellent gastronomy on site.
accomodations marrakech,riad dar najat for sun&fun&music&friends in the coolest ryad in town! I'm not used to write reviews but in this case I just have to. We returned from our three days staying in Dar Najat few days ago and we keep talking about this place and especially - about people and service. They read you like a book - they know exactly what you need, what would help, what you like ... how to behave! Amine takes you through medina to teach you how to come back next time by yourself. Oliver is amazing! Such a great guy. He gave us great suggestions where to go, where to stay in Essaouira, he also arranged a trip to Atlas for us. For us this place has no mistakes. Toof-terrace is perfect: nice music, jucuzzi, natural orange juice, food if you want (just tell them enough in advance). Tajine, cous cous, vegetables - it's nothing but dellicious. Decoration, rooms, location, athmosphere, service - you will love it all. We really did. Hopefully one day we come back to enjoy Dar Najat again.
top hotel morocco
top hotel morocco
marrakech, riad dar najat"coolest ryad in marrakesh" was everything we expected of a Riad and more. The passionate owner Oliver and his relaxed, friendly staff really made our long weekend stay very special. All arrangements were 'spot on', from our courtesy airport pick up, room, meals, excursions and recommendations on dining, site seeing etc were all met with a friendly smile and sound advice. The decor and presentation of Dar Najat is excellent, really giving us the feel that we were staying somewhere exotic but at the same time relaxing and cool. Some of the time we just stayed in as the roof terrace and spa pool were all we needed, we ate in twice because the food was simply excellent, citrus chicken tagine mmm!! Complimentary mint tea, water and guides were a valued bonus. So if you're looking for a laid back, uber cool Riad to really make your trip to Marrakech memorable then book Dar Najat, you won't be disappointed - we certainly weren't. Colin & Julia, Oxford UK

top hotel booking sites
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