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Filter Fabric Drainage

filter fabric drainage
    filter fabric
  • A middle layer of green roof construction, above the drainage layer and below the green roof medium.  Its purpose is to filter small particles and prevent the drainage layer from clogging.
  • A polypropylene textile used to keep soil separate from water. Comes in many different forms and is used for constructing roads, lining ponds, and in many erosion control projects.
  • A form of erosion control, whereby fabric is "wrapped around" the timber abutment in order to prevent soil loss.  This fabric allows for water to freely pass through while not allowing soil loss. This is used on all YBC timber abutments.
  • (drained) emptied or exhausted of (as by drawing off e.g. water or other liquid); "a drained marsh"; "a drained tank"; "a drained and apathetic old mannot caring any longer about anything"
  • drain: emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it
  • (drained) knackered: very tired
  • The means of removing surplus water or liquid waste; a system of drains
  • The action or process of draining something
filter fabric drainage - K&N 99-0516
K&N 99-0516 Air Filter Oil - 12.25oz - Aerosol
K&N 99-0516 Air Filter Oil - 12.25oz - Aerosol
K&N Air Filter Oil is the only oil specially formulated to work in combination with the cotton fabric in K&N FilterCharger elements providing a superior air filtration system. When used as directed, it quickly penetrates the filter pleats, where it remains suspended in the cotton fabric. Air filter oil is designed specifically for air filter elements and will boost the performance of cars and trucks. Saturation is maintained until the element is cleaned with K&N air filter cleaner and degreaser. Air filter oil is applied to moisten the foam filter element. Even amount of oil is applied over the foam filter element. Use your fingers and squeeze the foam filter element to ensure that the oil is absorbed throughout the foam filter element.

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Columbus Circle Statue
Columbus Circle Statue
Two recent projects have made Columbus Circle more inviting. The monument was restored in time for the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s journey in 1992. In 1998 several city agencies including City Planning, Transportation, and Parks collaborated on an interim design for Columbus Circle. The roadways have been reconfigured, pedestrian walkways have been improved, and the public can now enjoy a beautiful and green sitting area in the middle of a major traffic hub. Transportation provided backfill, stone gravel, timbers, filter fabric, planter urns, and drainage pipe. Parks installed benches, added stone screenings around the fountain and sitting area, and planted topsoil, sod, trees, shrubs, groundcover, and flowering plants.
Loch Leber
Loch Leber
Our builder likes to call our drainage feature "Loch Leber". It is full of water because of our recent rains and the lack of an installed catchbasin. (The pipe sticking up is a temporary drain with filter fabric so it does drain slowly) Once complete, this area will contain water loving plants and lots of soil. The idea is to slow the flow of water into Lake Washington.

filter fabric drainage
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