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The AGOA is comprised of the members of all of the Officials Associations in Australia.  Although there are many engineers and IT gurus among our members,
we include a surprising range of people ably supported by the other volunteers throughout Gridiron Australia and the State Leagues.


Our members are drawn from active leagues in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the ACT.  If you’re near a major 

metropolitan area in one of these states and are interested in becoming an official, please visit our contacts page.  Rural and regional participants and people in
places not listed here are also very welcome, as we are incorporating online training from 2011.  It is time that Tasmania and the Northern Territory joined us again! 


We welcome participation from local and international officials in our State and National competition season and really appreciate the opportunity to learn and
participate with other officials in their various leagues around the world both at Australian and overseas venues.


This is an exciting time for Gridiron football in Australia, as recent developments as players and officials take up opportunities to participate in the sport at a range
of local and overseas venues.


We’re also interested in building networks with other Gridiron officials around the world.  After all, officials everywhere face similar challenges!



2013 Officiating Hall of Fame Inductee

Posted: 24 April 2013



Tony Martin HoF Inductee 2013

Tony Martin from Victoria is the 2012 inductee into the Officiating Hall of Fame.


Tony has made an outstanding contribution to gridiron over the past 18 years and has committed much
of his own time and money to help officiating and the sport in general develop at both the local and
national level. He has also been a great ambassador for the sport through his regular overseas visits
and contacts with overseas officials and officiating groups.

Starting his gridiron officiating career in 1995, Tony has officiated more than 600 games in Australia,
New Zealand, the USA and Germany.

In 2009 he became the first Australian official to be appointed to an IFAF World Cup when he officiated
at the junior event in the USA. Career highlights include;

· 2009 Junior World Cup official (USA)

· 2005 World Games (Germany) - officiated Championship Game

· 4 Senior & 1 Junior National Championship games (Referee for Snr game in 2005)

· 16 VicBowl appearances (8 as referee)

· 2007 Gridiron Victoria 'Official of the Year' (as voted by the coaches)


Treasurer of the VGOA since 1997, Tony has also served as their training officer since 2003, creating the
positional diagrams used by AGOA and the professionally-presented Level 1 training PowerPoint slide show.

His comprehensive knowledge and understanding of rules and mechanics, coupled with his ability to explain
and demonstrate them in easy-to-understand ways has been instrumental in developing many officials and he
has made a huge contribution to the running of the association over many years.

From 2006-2008 Tony was also President of AGOA and has continued to serve as International Relations
coordinator, responsible for liaising with overseas bodies, and as its representative to GA. He has been a
Director of GA since 2003, first as GV President, and then AGOA representative, and served as GA Secretary
from 2010 to 2012.

In addition to his work with officials, Tony has also been very active in the management of Gridiron Victoria,
serving as GV President from 2003 to 2005 and as Treasurer since 2003. Since taking on the GV Treasurers role
Tony has done a fantastic job in getting the league finances on track and helping them to operate in a
fiscally prudent fashion.

Furthermore, his knowledge and understanding of meetings and procedures has been invaluable to the league as
they consolidated and then expanded. He has also spent countless hours revising and recodifying their
Operating Rules as well as spending much time and energy providing guidance and advice to various members of
the COM. He is well respected by those who know and understand what happens at the league level and this was
formally recognised earlier this year when he was awarded Life Membership of Gridiron Victoria.


2013 Junior Nationals

Posted: 25 April 2013


First v Second Place Crew

2nd v 3rd Place Crew 2013 Jnr Nats

1st & 2nd place - NSW 7 WA 0 - Shawn Willis (BJ), Scott Milway (U), Paul Taylor (R), Graham Wilson (L), Greg Evers (LJ)
Third v Fourth Place Crew 


 3rd & 4th place - SA 35 Qld 14 - Brian Harwood (LJ), John Boss (R), Eddie Fitch (U), Lucas Haynes (BJ), Kevn Chen (L)


Fifth v Sixth Place Crew


5th & 6th place - Vic 20 ACT 6 - Gordon Tuft (L), Patrick Cuddihy (BJ), Julian Leonard (R),Tony Pegler (U), Alec Valcanis (LJ) (640x424)
 2013 Junior Nationals Panel



Bill LeMonnier 2013 Gold Whistle Award Recipient

Posted: 11 March 2013


Big Ten football referee Bill LeMonnier, who was the guest supervisor at the 2010
Gridiron Australia Senior National Championships in Melbourne, will be honored in
July by receiving the Gold Whistle Award. The award is presented to a person or
organization for contributions to the officiating industry.


The presentation is set for Tuesday, July 30, at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids,
Mich., site of the NASO Sports Officiating Summit. The award ceremony is part of the
Officiating Gala that culminates the annual Summit.


LeMonnier, 64, who resides in Tinley Park, Ill., is a former educator. For many years
he has used skills learned in that field to become a popular and skilled clinician.
He has spoken at camps on every continent on which football is played and officiated.
LeMonnier has mentored countless officials and served as an advocate for those who

choose to advance. He is a “go-to guy” for fellow officials who have questions regarding

rules, mechanics and philosophy. He is also is one of the writers of the annual CFO

national football test.


“The selection of Bill LeMonnier as this year’s recipient was an easy one and it was
unanimous,” said Barry Mano, NASO president. “Bill’s passion for football and for those
who officiate football at any level is without parallel. He has been and remains a beacon
for all of us in this industry.”





Junior Nationals 2013

Posted: 4 December 2012


Here are the documents for those interested in applying to attend the upcoming tournament in Canberra over the Easter holidays.


Application Form


Information Sheet






Hyderabad, India

Posted: 3 August 2012


Clyde Summers, currently upgrading to Level 3 in officiating, chose to holiday in India last month and managed to find some American footballers looking for a referee.


He sent back his news to fellow officials in Queensland by e-mail.  Read about his interesting adventures below.



Hi all,

Just popped into an internet cafe in the Lakhamdwala Markets, Mumbai...google map it if int'd....get an hour for A$.40....that is 40 cents....

Arrived in Mumbai on Friday around 8 pm...got to my hotel....shower did not work....but too tired to care. I got the hotel night manager to find
me a flight to Hyderabad for Saturday...got a flight booked to arrive at 5:30pm....got a share cab with a guy I met sitting next to me on the flight
down...investment banker...got some insight to the economic workings in India. I was dropped off right in front of the Cricket (converted for
gridiron use for the evening) Grounds where they play IPL games on occasions. Huge stadium...you could play two gridiron games at one time
easily and the lights equaled anything I have seen in the large stadiums in Aus or US. It was a bit early so I found someone that knew a motel
close by.....haha....took me 30 minutes to find this place and it was booked out......manager there was not going to tell me if there was another
hotel nearby...but I stood and stared at him until he relented and there was another one just around the corner.

MeghaCity Hotel is was....very old style hotel with the kind of lifts with the sliding cage doors and operated by a lift operator. Great fun. Room
was basic but shower worked...so I got cleaned up and headed out to the stadium....shorter route (I went the long way around on the trek to find
the hotel)...so I got to the stadium in 10 minutes...walked in with crowds starting to file in....went over to what looked like a coach...surely was
as he was a guy from Arizona named Mike Giovando....has coached all his life just like his Dad did....super nice guy and his eyes widened
when I asked him is they needed any officials (thinking I'd be lucky to crew the chains). He asked me what positions...I told him all
positions and he said great..."you're the referee...I'll get the hat, whistle, shirt and flag (which was gold crepe paper and I had to go find my own
rock to tie up in it - not too small not too large - I found one in a drainage hole that was missing its cover...dug out several suitable rocks in case
the others might need on...turns out they did.

I got an EFLI shirt and they provided some really comfy cleated football shoes also as I was in street shoes. I asked him how did he want the
game called....his response I applied to our junior games at the beginning of the season. He seemed very happy that I was there because he was
going to have to ref the game.. Mind that he is a coach and would know enough but none of the other crew (other US coaches) had a lot of mechanics
experience and the chain crew had zero time with chain work. I found the chain crew and got about 10 minutes briefing them on chain mechanics....
thinking... .this should be great fun. They were intelligent enough though and ended up doing a fair job...only placed the leading chain in the
wrong direction twice. So I had a briefing with 2 of the Indian coaches whom I was told they were ball persons who turned out to be the sideline
officials. One was quick to get the balls back but marking skills not so good in the beginning.

Lines were chalked and NO hashmarks at all....we just placed the ball in the middle and left it at that. They had sideline markers and pylons and the
goal posts were close enough to regulation although one leaned enough to one side to be noticeable. So got everyone briefed as much as possible
and I looked around and the teams were no where to be seen...they retreated into the stadium locker rooms returning to run through a line of cheer
leaders...that looked very much the part with glitter outfits and pompoms.

I after the pomp and ceremony we got the team captains to the middle of the field in proper fashion (briefings do work when people listen). Did the
coin toss and the winning captain chose 'kick'.....I put my hand on his shoulderpads and asked him was he sure....to which he quickly changed his
call to "receive" at the suggestion of his coach who being an official was nearby. So all that sorted the teams had to do some more chanting and
jumping up and down which lasted about 5 minutes. So everyone lines up (finally - but I did not care as I was just here for all the entertainment)...
and we have a kickoff.

Youtube video of game:

YouTube Video


Several first downs into the game after ignoring and warning the players to stop when they heard a whistle I finally flagged them for piling on....
announce the penalty (no Mic) and walked off the penalty (no Umpire....not a luxury at this game)...and explained to both teams they HAVE to
stop at the whistle. Got that issued sorted out but I had to flag them again for PF for late hits out of bounds.....there were a couple I could have called
prior but in the spirit of letting them play I let it go until it looked like it might become unsafe for all.

We ran 16 (?) minutes quarters continuous like the juniors games and gave them plenty of time between scores and ball turnovers. Surprising only
one false start penalty but toward the end of the second half with one team looking like the winners I flagged another PF, one BIB and one intentional
kicking the ball. Maybe 8 - 10 penalties for the entire game. Michael was happy...coaches were happy....all appeared to be happy....game looked like a
success with about 2000-2500 present and one Bollywood girl start as the emcee and very loud boof-boof dance music right up to the beginning of
each play....sure makes it hard to talk to players and other officials.

I got the information I wanted to get though...who does what and how...and they are all calling the events from the US...no big decisions made in
India. I had the chance after the game to talk to Mike about getting onto the crew for the season....he thinks I will if I pursue it. He told me how
they have organised the league and there appears to be some $$ involved since there is a TV contract signed and sponsors on board....time will tell
the reality.

So....after the game and chatting to all the important people involved (except for the Bollywood chic :( ) I re-found my hotel and checked out the
restaurant which turned out to be really great.....sat down ordered what I assumed to be a Carlsbad stubby and got a 650ml ice cold one....which
went down so nicely. And a chicken vindaloo which was excellent and some butter nan bread that was outstanding.....but then again if the Indians
cannot do curry...who can.The meal came to A$22 including the super-sized Carlsbad.

So after gorging myself I waddled up to my room too tired to shower and fell into bed and out like a light. I managed to remember to book a taxi
earlier for 5:30am to get me to the airport for a 7am flight.....and by the way I have not paid over A$20 for a cab fare so far for the equivalent
of a cab ride from Ipswich to the Brisbane airport.

Time almost up....see ya'll after the 16th.





Junior World Cup 2012, Austin Texas

Posted 22 July 2012


David Sinclair's first posting from refereeing in the Junior World Cup this year is below.  David is taking copious note for consolidation 

and distribution on his return and he's also getting some great presentations that will really help explain some of the mechanics on coverage.


Day 0 - Arrival Day

Well I’m almost there. I’m currently in Phoenix hoping to get an earlier flight into Austin so that I can get to bed before midnight. It’s a balmy 41c 

outside and I’m loving it. Only major problem so far was one that Bryan and I experienced before the Oceania Bowl. The TSA in Phoenix screened 

my officiating bag twice because of the lead weights in my bean bags. So I’m ordering new ones from Honigs tomorrow. More tomorrow.

Day 1 - And now the work begins

Well I did get my standby flight and got in 3 hours earlier than planned. Unfortunately my bag actually beat me to Austin and was locked in an

 unattended office when I arrived, so a lesson was learned. In addition to always carrying your gear, also carry a change of clothes.


I got to spend some social time with Bill LeMonnier who sends his best wishes to all who he met in 2010.

The day closed with the Welcome Dinner, followed by a briefing from Bill about the outcomes of the Technical Meeting. Tomorrow the games begin.

Day 2 - Let the games begin

There were four games today with local officials doing the first two games while we had a Mechanics Review Meeting. It’s good to hear how the

game in enforced and managed in other parts of the world. We then had a choice of extending the meeting or having lunch, so as we are all

dedicated officials…..we had lunch.


As I was in the last game of the day I haven’t seen much of the other games, and I won’t spoil things by telling you the results if you are wanting to

watch the games. The American Samoa v USA games was amazing. It was played at an extremely fast pace and we had to work extremely hard

to keep up. We are expecting to get ripped over a number of plays which we know we should have managed better. The next two days are video

review days so we’ll be able to catch our breath. Farewell

from Austin.


Day 3 - First day of Video Review

The one thing about going to tournaments is the chance to watch yourself on video in an open forum with your peers. Well that started today. We

reviewed the Canada v Sweden game over about 2.5 hours. We saw a lot and discussed a lot for only 35 minutes of video.

After lunch we continued to review video and do some more team bonding, so we “reviewed” the 2012 Euro Cup final live at a local bar. The rest

of the patrons sure did enjoy our European crew mates cheer and groan as the game went on.


Tomorrow the sanity (??) returns as we review the American Samoa v USA video. This should be fun. Farewell from Austin where another cool

change came through today with some rain dropping the temperature to just 36c.

Day 4 - Second day of Video Review

Today we reviewed the American Samoa v USA game. It’s amazing how the pace of the game is not reflected in the End Zone or Sideline videos.

Although I did have the camera glasses on and they really did show the chaos of the game and probably provided very little useful video.

Once the review was done it was time to stimulate the American Economy at the local Shopping Mall. Afterwards it was dinner at a BBQ Restaurant

and then a night of Minor League Baseball. It may sound like fun, but the bonding that took place all day should show improvement in our performance

over the next two days.

There have been only two crew changes for he next two days. My Head Linesman is moving to Bill’s crew for one game, and I’m Bill’s Umpire in the

other. This should be fun to see how a Big Ten Referee manages a game at very close range. So let the next round of games begin in a very warm

Austin Texas.

Day 5 - Losers Round

This is probably not a great sounding title, but it’s accurate. The JWC is a winner plays winner, loser plays loser format. And my crew was also a loser

with the 5pm game being played in the hot Texas sun. It was 35C at kickoff and we felt every degree. The strongest emphasis in the JWC has been

hydration and lots of it. We all started hydrating yesterday and we still struggled, and we have another day with the same temperatures tomorrow. And

during the games we take water at every break, NO EXCEPTIONS! ‘cos if you get to the point that you are thirsty, it’s too late!

The evening game was played in amazing conditions. 26C with a cool breeze, a great night for football. My crew left a halftime so that we could free

up the transport for the second crew and so that we could have dinner before midnight.

I wore the camera glasses again today and I’m hoping that I got some good vision. We have also trialled the radio headsets for communicating between

crew members. We had three sets for use by the Referee, Side Judge and Headlinesman. Side Judge has game clock responsibilities in the JWC.

The final outcome, good idea, JWC is not the place to trial it.

So farewell from Texas on what is a beautiful evening in the Lone Star State.


Day 6 - Winners Round

Today the teams that won on Day 1 playoff to determine who plays for what Medal. Our preparation was doing a brief video review of yesterday’s games.

You can actually see on the game video how we have improved as officials and as crews in just 6 days. Any defensiveness from the first video review has

gone and we are all in full-on learning mode. All egos are checked at the door, and at the Change Room. And the best feature is that as the early crew

walks off the field the late crew shakes everyones hand, and then the early crew go out and support the late crew when they head out to the field.

Officially the temperature was about 95F, 35C, at kickoff. I have one word for that figure, and it is good fertilizer. It was easily over 100F, 38C, but the

second half was cooler with it being just under 100F. The teams are great at bringing fluids out to us all through he game. Before we have even written

the time of a timeout they are standing next to us with at least one water bottle.

I have to say that the experience of working with Bill today was amazing. We got a complaint about a punch being thrown and he came over to let me

know about the complaint, but spoke loud enough so that all the defense could hear him. Needless to say we had no more problems with stray arms.

We had a problem with the offense and multiple substitutions so Bill gave me the T sign and I got over the ball so that it couldn’t be snapped. Well the

offense was so confused they had to call a timeout, but not before Bill just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders trying not to laugh.

Tomorrow is a totally free day with just a dinner planned. This will be the last chance for the officials to get together before we all leave on Sunday/Monday.

Also our goffer Ted will be joining us. He’s really the 15th official at these games. If we haven’t got something, he’ll get it. If we need to go somewhere,

he drives us. None of us will forget his efforts to make our stay in Austin the memorable experience it has been.

Day 7 - A day of rest

After the battle through two consecutive days of games with the temperatures in the high 30’s at kickoff for the early game it was a pleasant relief to

have a totally free day.  No meetings at all, other than a crew dinner as it will be the last time for all of us to get together in a social environment before we

start leaving on Sunday.

Bill announced the assignments for the remaining two days. As with all assignments at World Cups you cannot work your own country’s games. So this

does complicate the assignments  in all games. It could be argued that we are officials and our responsibility is to the game. However, IFAF have set

those rules in place and when you accept your assignment to the World Cup it is explained to you repeatedly.

At the dinner tonight Bill presented Ted with an award from all of us. Ted was so humbled by it, and even as a former coach he said that he has had

just the greatest time meeting with us all, and helping us out in any way that he can. We all now doubt that he will get back into coaching once the other

coaches find out how he helped a bunch of officials.

It was also announced at the dinner that my Crew Chief, Frank Rasmussen from Denmark, has been appointed as Director of Officiating for IFAF

taking over from Tony Michalek who stepped down today. Tony is an NFL Umpire, or at least will be once again when the NFL decides to settle their

EBA discussions with the officials.

Well it’s an early farewell from Texas. Our rest day is over and the final ranking games are set to begin.

Day 8 - Games for rankings 5-8

Today is the second last day of games and it featured the games to determine the teams to be ranked 5 through 8. Our day started slowly with a

mid-morning meeting to go through outcomes from the Technical Meeting from the previous evening. The only issues for us were use of coaches

headsets when one team’s headset fail, and a play that occurred in my second game which the coach felt was incorrectly ruled on.

IFAF currently do not have a rule to cover malfunctioning headsets, so Bill applied the Big 10 rules to which one coach objected. So it has been

agreed that for the remainder of this tournament we will present the coaches with options during the pregame conference and we will apply the

agreed option.

The play situation went to Rogers Redding, editor of the rule book for interpretation. What came back was a comment that he rules are unclear

on this situation, something that needs to be changed.

I lucked out and got to work the 5pm game and 36C at kickoff. It is actually getting easier to work these hot games as we are getting better and better

preparing for them. The game was actually a lot closer than had been anticipated, which made time fly past quickly, very important in this heat.

So all that is left now is the Medal Games tomorrow. Hopefully the forecast top of 34C comes and goes before the early kickoff. So farewell from


Day 9 - The Final Day

The final day turned out to be the best day of the Championships, as it should be. We had the two closest games of the week, the shortest game of

the week, the fewest penalties for a game of the week, and the coolest temperature at kickoff of the week. We even had some light rain which was

most welcome.

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with every official on the panel and to have worked every team in the Championships. I’m proud to say that

my crew did he Gold Medal game too, even though I couldn’t join them due to a country conflict with my fellow Umpire.

To offset that I’ve had the honor and privilege to have been Bill LeMonnier’s Umpire in two games. He makes the Referee position seem so easy,

and he has left me with some great memories.

So the Championships are done for another year. This has been a great experience which I can thoroughly recommend to one and all. And if I was

to leave you with one piece of advice it would be this, check your ego at the door and let the players decide the game.



Officiating for the 2012 Distributed Senior Nationals Championships

Posted: 17 January 2012


In 2012 the Senior National Championships will be held across several States to simplify travel arrangements.  Please find the appplication forms


1. Information sheet

2. Form




Volunteer for Gridiron Officiating

Posted: 17 January 2012


Advertisements for volunteer officials are now posted to Seek Volunteer under the keyword gridiron.




2011 Qualifying exam released
This years exam is now available. All officials are invited and encouraged to download, complete and submit it before Sunday 28th August (the closing date).
See the downloads, Training and Accreditation section, under Exams.
Based on feedback from last year, the format has been changed and questions split into three Sections as follows:
Section 1: 40 x General questions (Compulsory)
Section 2: 20 x Intermediate questions (Optional)
Section 3: 20 x Advanced questions (Optional)
Each section is intended to be a little bit more challenging than the one before it. This has been done to give officials the choice of which Level pass they wish to aim for. If you wish to gain or maintain a "Level 1 (Foundation)" pass you need only answer Section 1 which should shorten the time taken to compete the exam.
More experienced officials, especially those wishing to be considered for appointment to National level games, would be expected to attempt at least Section 2 as well and those wishing to gain or maintain a "Level 3 (Advanced)" pass would need to complete all sections and achieve the appropriate pass mark.
To recognise the fact that each section is intended to be a little harder and to still meet the benchmark scores set out in the Training and Accreditation program, a combination scoring system has been introduced. For more information about all these changes refer to the preamble to the exam. All officials are encouraged to read the notes before attempting the exam.
Any questions regarding the format,or scoring system can be sent to the compiler, Paul Mercer @ fbrefpaul@gmail.com


Umpire Positions

Posted: 26 June 2011


Here is the ruling on the temporary trial of umpire in the offensive backfield as opposed to in the defensive secondary.





Posted: 26 June 2011


Please check with your State President and visit the insurance portal to renew your cover, if appropriate.







IFAF 2011 World Championship

Posted: 16 June 2011


Congratualtions to Paul Mercer on being selected to officiate at the upcoming IFAF event in Austria with the likes of Bill Le Monier, Katarina Milojkevic
and Martina König.






Paul Richard Mercer


Bojan Savicevic


Thomas Hofbauer


Wilhelm Edelmüller


Michael Ulicny


Martina König


Barclay Easton


Shawn Kerr


Frank Kristensen


Frank Rasmussen


Juan Perez-Canto


Henning Rieske


Zoltan Doboczky


Stefan Plonka


Keith Wickham

Great Britain

David Parsons

Great Britain

Jim Briggs

Great Britain

Kazunori Yokocho


Akihito Takakura


Atsuo Tanaka


Masayuki Taguchi


Arnold Buijs

The Netherlands

Einar Bolstad


Øyvind Løken


Katarina Milojkovic


Alex Barinaga


William LeMonnier


Billy Beckett


Rick Nelson








Sun Devils on "Totally Wild"

Posted: 13 June 2011





Web Sites and Resources

Posted: 11 June 2011


Here is the link to the latest edition of the officiating newsletter for football officials in Denmark, Europe and beyond.



Whether joining for the first time or renewing, membership fees ($100US) are now due (June 1st)

The resources available are well worth the investment.

Note: It is not compulsory to join



Other sites of interest:

Referee Magazine





Officiating.com ( annual subscription $50 US )






www.replayboothapp.com (App software for IPAD and other tablets like the Xoom to view, edit and notarize game video in .mp4, .mov, .3gpp...basically any QuickTime format. Any format compatibility is in the works)



Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Posted - 26 April 2011


The CFO have issued guidelines for the application and enforcement of the changes to the Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty - read the attached document



Rule on Blocking Below the Waist Revised

Posted - 11 March 2011


The rules committee have made some important changes to the rule for blocking below the waist for the
first time in many years. To take a look at the changes, what’s new, what’s not changed and some play
situations, open the attached document.




NCAA 2011 Rule Update Discussion Period in March 2011

Posted - 3 March 2011


Just when you thought it could not possibly get any more exciting in College football, the 2011 rule changes are out for discussion.

Hurry and add your thoughts to the decision-making process, mainly via our AGOA Executive if you have some constructive


Here is the current discussion document.






IFAF Referee Survey

Posted 1 March 2011


IFAF is conducting a survey (see link below) to help in shaping the IFAF Strategic Plan and is
collecting data through Monday, April 4. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Thanks and regards,





Bill Lemonnier on The New Emphasis

Posted - 22 February 2011


Here is another professional development article from Bill.  It discusses the growing importance of preparing to officiate to prevent head and neck injuries.

One example of this is the change to an awareness of the impact of defensive team infractions at the snap.





Junior Nationals Officiating Panel Announced

Posted - 15 January 2011


The following officials will be on the panel for this event.


Officiating Panel



Yrs Exp

Barbara Johnson



Darrin Mitchell



David Sinclair



Graham Wilson



John Boss



John Frame



Nathan Long



Paul Mercer



Tony Pegler






Yrs Exp

Tony Martin




Congratulations to the above officials who will be provided with further information as it comes to hand.



More from Bill

Posted - 20 January 2011



Here is another aticle from Bill whom we hosted at last year's Senior Nationals as guest speaker, referee supervisor and referee. 





Officiating Philosophies by Bill LeMonnier

Posted - 13 January 2011


Bill LeMonnier has recently written on "cheap shots" and the like at the following web site:


Bill was the guest official at the 2010 Seionr Nationals.   He just officiated the (US) National Championship game between Auburn and Oregon this week and did a super job.



IFAF Senior World Championship Game Times Announced

Posted - 4 January 2011


July 8 - July 16
  • July 8 - 3pm: USA vs Australia
  • July 8 - 7pm: Germany vs Mexico
  • July 9 - 3pm: Austria vs Japan
  • July 9 - 7pm: France vs Canada
  • July 10 - 3pm: Mexico vs Australia
  • July 10 - 7pm: Germany vs USA
  • July 11 - 3pm: Japan vs France
  • July 11 - 7pm: Canada vs Austria
  • July 12 - 3pm: Australia vs Germany
  • July 12 - 7pm: USA vs Mexico
  • July 13 - 3pm: Japan vs Canada
  • July 13 - 7pm: Austria vs France
  • July 15 - 3pm: Game for the 7th place
  • July 15 - 7pm: Bronze medal game
  • July 16 - 3pm: Game for the 5th place
  • July 16 - 7pm: Gold medal game

From the Austria 2011 website.  Group A Teams will be based at Innsbruck and Group B Teams at Graz for their game appearances.


See the article below for further details. 




Downunder Official in "Inside American Football"

Posted - 4 January 2011


See the News section for the full article.





Junior Nationals, 2011

Posted - 15 December 2010



The tournament will run from Sunday 17th April to Saturday 23rd April 2011 with match days being Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd.       

The venue for the event is the Sydney Academy of Sports and Recreation (SASR) which is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in the
suburb of Narrabeen, about 40 kilometers from Sydney Airport. It is a self-contained venue in that all games will be played on the various turf fields.

Three local officials and seven non-local officials will be selected for the officiating crews and two additional officials will be on standby for unforseen
events.  WA will now be participating so it will be a 5-team tournament. Details of how this will impact the schedule will be issued as soon as they are

It is expected that the weather will be temperate at that time of year, with temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius at sea level. 


Please see the following documents:

  • Information document
  • Application for selection form (please see “Downloads")
  • Tournament playing rules (please see “Downloads”)






Eight Nations From Four Continents Will Compete In Austria In July 2011

Posted: 25 November 2010


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2010 - PARIS, FRANCE - The groups and game schedule have been announced for the fourth IFAF Senior World Championship of American Football, which will be played in Austria from July 8-16, 2011.


The Austrian capital of Vienna will host the Gold and Bronze Medal games and the fifth and seventh place playoffs as the senior national teams of eight nations from four continents assemble in Europe for the International Federation of American Football showpiece tournament.  Two groups of four teams will play in the cities of Innsbruck and Graz in the quest to earn a place in the medal games.


"Never before have there been more participants, better stadiums or greater expectations in the history of the IFAF Senior World Championship," said MICHAEL ESCHLBOECK, President of the American Football Bund Österreich (Austrian Federation of American Football).

"We believe this tournament will be very important for our sport and its international future.  We want to bring the world closer together on the gridiron and make the 2011 IFAF World Championship a truly outstanding event for the global American football community."

Reigning champion the United States, whose first world championship was won in Japan in 2007, will face European champion Germany in Group A and will also take on Australia and fellow PAFAF (Pan American Federation of American Football) nation Mexico.  Group A games will be played in Innsbruck and those teams will kick off the IFAF Senior World Championship when USA faces Australia and Germany takes on Mexico on Friday, July 8.


Host Austria is matched in Group B with European Championship runner up France, first time entrant on the world stage at senior level Canada, and either Japan or Korea, who meet for the right to represent AFAF (Asian Federation of American Football) in Tokyo on February 26.


Either two-time champion (1999 and 2007) Japan or Korea will face home team Austria and an anticipated vociferous home crowd on Saturday, July 9 in Graz, while France and Canada meet in the other Group B game.


Each team will face its group opponent once and from the final standings the group winners will advance to the IFAF Senior World Championship Game to play for the Gold Medal on Saturday, July 16 in the Austrian capital Vienna.  The two second-placed teams will contest the Bronze Medal in Vienna on Friday, July 15.


IFAF Senior World Championship Groups


Group A

Group B






Japan or Korea




IFAF Senior World Championship Schedule



Game 1

Game 2


Friday, July 8

USA vs. Australia

Germany vs. Mexico


Saturday, July 9

Austria vs. Japan

France vs. Canada


Sunday, July 10

Mexico vs. Australia

Germany vs. USA


Monday, July 11

Japan vs. France

Canada vs. Austria


Tuesday, July 12

Australia vs. Germany

USA vs. Mexico


Wednesday, July 13

Austria vs. France

Canada vs. Japan


Friday, July 15

Bronze Medal Game

Fifth Place Game


Saturday, July 17

Gold Medal Game

Seventh Place Game



Japan won the first IFAF Senior World Championship played in Palermo in Italy with a 6-0 overtime victory over Mexico.  Four years later in Frankfurt, Germany, Japan ran out 34-14 winners over Mexico.  In 2007 on home soil in Kawasaki, Japan took the United States to double overtime before finally surrendering the world title they had held for eight years by a score of 23-20.

During the nine games of the 2007 IFAF Senior World Championship, more than 22,000 fans flocked to the host stadiums and almost one million people visited the official websites.


For more information visit www.IFAF.org and www.americanfootball2011.com



Officials Far Afield
Posted - 18 October 2010

Mark Snow, a former ACT official, has been working and officiating in the UK for 3½ years and is looking to gaining permanent
once he has completed 5-years. He has sent the following update on his progress.  

"As far as officiating is concerned, I am really enjoying it, and have been fortunate to get some pretty high profile games as
referee in Division 1 and 2 and was also fortunate to get a spot on the crew of a Premier Division game this past season
as well. Unfortunately I sustained a torn calf muscle in the first week of the play-offs which stopped me from being part of the
Brit Bowl weekend which I was selected to officiate in, but in better news, I have been selected to represent BAFRA at the
NFL game at Wembley Stadium on the 31st October between the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49rs on the chain crew.
That is something that I am definitely looking forward to!!

I was fortunate to catch up with Stephen Bowness from New Zealand) when he was across here last year, and we did a couple
of games as well which was great!

After the Christmas/New Year break will be back in action in the new year for the University season."


Presentation on Concussion Management

Posted 26 August 2010


The NCAA has updated its approach to concussion management.  Please familiarise yourself with the presentation on concussion.


Extra files for qualifying exam

Posted: 24 Septmeber 2010

Here are some files which are required for answering the exam:



AGOA Structure

Posted - 1 May 2010

The updated details of the AGOA structure can be found in the Governance section.


Rule changes for 2010

Posted - 26 April 2010

In their continuing efforts to ensure player safety the rules committee have made the following changes for 2010:

*         Made it illegal for a "wedge" of more than two players to form on a free kick other than an obvious "on-side" kick

*         Further strengthened the rules regarding defenseless players

Details of these and other changes which will affect us here in Australia can be found in the document below.





Gridiron Australia Development Tour August - September 2007




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