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Thin Gold Chain Necklace

thin gold chain necklace
    gold chain
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  • A necklace is an article of jewellery which is worn around the neck. Necklaces are frequently formed from a metal jewellery chain, often attached to a locket or pendant.
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  • jewelry consisting of a cord or chain (often bearing gems) worn about the neck as an ornament (especially by women)
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thin gold chain necklace - Solid 14k
Solid 14k Yellow Gold Thin Chain Link Necklace 1.1mm
Solid 14k Yellow Gold Thin Chain Link Necklace 1.1mm
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Breeze in love's air with this elegant chain necklace. It is glistening in brilliant 14k Yellow Gold shine and it complements any outfit. It adores the simplicity in you and celebrates life's unchanging youthful passion. Wear this and feel an added confidence as you walk that memory lane again.

Condition: New
Material: 14k Yellow Gold
Gram Weight: 4.5
Length: 22" (See Disclaimer for Size Options)
Width: 1.1 mm
Lock: Lobster


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86% (13)
Maine blueberry honey - chain and handspun coil yarn necklace (2 of 3)
Maine blueberry honey - chain and handspun coil yarn necklace (2 of 3)
The second honey I tasted of the ones Amal sent me was blueberry honey from Maine, originally a gift from the very magical Catherynne M. Valente. (She sent me my own jar a few months ago, too, so while marvelous, this honey wasn't exactly new to me.) (It tastes astoundingly, intensely, perfectly like blueberries distilled into liquid gold.) My first intermural Moot Court competition in law school took place up in Buffalo, NY. My mother bought me my first suitcase with an actual suit compartment, and my co-counsel and I made plans to see Niagara Falls before he and our mentor went to the casinos and I hung out with a friend of mine who drove out there to meet me. I was so scared. I made myself do moot court because it scared me, because I wanted to litigate and I had to get over the fear of oral argument and public speaking somehow. We lost in the semi-finals to the team that went on to win overall, and when we got to the awards dinner that night, we found that we had won Best Brief. It was a pretty good competition, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I still remember one of the judges from the competition who sat at our table for dinner that night. He told us wonderful stories about hiking around Alaska, where he claimed to find the biggest blueberries he'd ever seen. The taste of blueberries always reminds me of him, and of being on the moot court association and competing in oral argument for the first time. It was the best part of law school, easily. First year legal writing was a waste of time, but the moot court association really taught us how to write. We would do line by line editing, read drafts aloud to groups of judges, and then eventually lay the whole damn brief out around the table and have the whole association walk around the table, red pens in hand, editing every single page, every single sentence. We would do practice arguments in front of other students, in front of professors, in front of lawyers, in front of real judges. We were trained by the judge who writes the manual on writing judicial decisions that is given out to newly elected NYC judges. The first time I got up to do oral argument when competing to get into the moot court association in the first place, my vision blurred into white and I couldn't hear anything and I have no idea what I said for the first moment or so. They told me later that I looked scared, but I kept talking and making sense, so I suppose I did something right on autopilot while practically fainting from terror. The second time, I was very aware from the start, and about a billion times calmer. And now? Now I really am out there doing it. I don't have the fear I had years ago, when I first started. I still get that wonderful rush afterwards, though, each and every time. Blueberries remind me that that wasn't always true. That once upon a time I nearly fainted from fear of it all. That once upon a time I competed and won a bit and met a great old lawyer who had picked huge blueberries in Alaska. That I've come a long way in my life, confronting my fears. And since I created two objects for this honey, here's a second story as well: My mother loves blueberries so much that even when she was pregnant with the elder of my younger brothers, Josh, and eating them made her feel nauseous, she just couldn’t stop. Pregnant and sick and miserable, she ate blueberries until she vomited purple. She has told me repeatedly that that was when she truly understood just how much my father loves her - when she was pregnant and ate too many blueberries, the day he cleaned up her purple vomit for her. Cleaning up blueberry vomit is truly the love. *** To make this necklace, I first spun a thick and thin single yarn from blue wool and gunmetal shiny fiber. Then I plied that as a supercoil around black cotton thread. I took apart a silver chain and with silver jump rings and wire wrapping, added a length of the handspun supercoil yarn in as a central element of the chain necklace.
Botanical Necklace
Botanical Necklace
I caught my breath when I saw this piece! A paper-thin gold leaf (or perhaps you see a moth) dangles delicately from a golden chain. Spring is coming soon, and this would be a perfect piece to wear with a featherweight dress -- or perhaps a scoop-neck tee. Come on, add a distinctive piece to your wardrobe! Dimensions: About 3 inches across Vintage condition: Excellent Maker: Unknown

thin gold chain necklace
thin gold chain necklace
18k Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Popcorn Chain Necklace, 36"
Simple and unadorned with an interesting texture and a subtle, vintage feel, the 18k Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Popcorn Chain Necklace is 30 inches of pure versatility. This is the kind of piece that will never lose its appeal. Pair it with prints or solids, blouses or tees, dresses or khaki trousers--no matter how you wear it this necklace adds uncluttered elegance and the warmth of gold to any ensemble. Thanks to a lobster-claw clasp it's also secure and comfortable on the neckline. For easy gift-giving and storage, this necklace arrives in a blue suede pouch.

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