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official concert t shirts
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"What Love Is" Concert: Popsters (Sarah G Fans)
"What Love Is" Concert: Popsters (Sarah G Fans)
A lot of members of the Sarah Geronimo Fan Club were in the audience; they all wore a light pink shirt. POPSTERS are what they call themselves I think. “What Love Is” Valentine’s Concert Martin Nieverra & Sarah Geronimo Araneta Coliseum February 12, 2011 I was asked by Raffy Illyana, a fellow Photo Club (PiPho) Member, to assist him in covering the Valentine’s Concert of his friend Director Ruel Santiago. It was a jam-packed concert; the stage was made smaller just to be able to fit in more people into the coliseum. Martin was his usual jolly self, keeping the audience alive with his witty words and energy. Sarah played her part as the young girl (wanting to know what love is) who touched the audience’s hearts with her sweet words. They both performed a mix of sentimental songs, modern songs, old songs and even some dance performances. Security was very tight and they did not allow photographers in front of the stage or even at the aisle in the middle. It was tough and I honestly had a hard time shooting. Too many people were given access passes and at least a hundred of them crowded the left and right side of the stage (the only places the security personnel allowed people to stay near the stage). We had to sneak in our shots and wait for the performers to look our way. We were at least allowed to stay with the official videographers near the sound controls at the back; but it was also tough as it was at least a basketball court’s length away and the angles were limited. We did the best that we could and I have to say that I wasn’t happy with my output. I was affected much by the security, the crowd and my lack of experience. I have only covered a couple of large concerts; both were a year or two ago and both I shot with no pressure (as I wasn’t being paid to shoot!). Raffy (expert concert photog, I have to say) showed me his shots from his camera and I was very impressed. His experience made the whole thing easy for him. I, on the otherhand, was pressured and stressed the whole time. It was truly a learning experience; I thank Raffy for being kind enough to share some of his tricks and experiences with me. I love shooting concerts and I still do but I realize that I really need a lot more practice. The night was honestly a bit discouraging… but nevertheless, I would still like to pursue the field of Concert Photography and hopefully I can make time in my busy schedule to shoot more concerts. The concert was a success and nobody can question the talent and the performance that was shown that night. Martin still has his voice and showed the audience that he is truly THE Concert King. Sarah proved once again that she is the multi-talented young star who surely has a big future ahead of her.
UNHCR News Story: Pop stars perform in Madrid to raise funds for refugees from Libya
UNHCR News Story: Pop stars perform in Madrid to raise funds for refugees from Libya
James Blunt poses in a UNHCR campaign shirt. UNHCR / K. Para / 3 June 2011 Pop stars perform in Madrid to raise funds for refugees from Libya MADRID, Spain, June 9 (UNHCR) – Ten thousand pop music fans packed into Madrid's Palacio Vistalegre recently to listen to stars such as James Blunt, Enrique Iglesias and Kate Ryan and support UNHCR operations to help people forced to flee Libya. The seventh annual Primavera Pop festival, which took place on Friday and was organized by the 40 Principales radio station, also helped raise awareness about refugees among a young audience. "We are very grateful to 40 Principales for this solidarity initiative to support UNHCR in its 60th year," Maricela Daniel, UNHCR's representative in Spain, said at the concert. "It is a great opportunity for us to bring the refugee cause closer to a motivated young public," she added. The concert is expected to raise around 50,000 euros, which UNHCR will use to provide protection and assistance to tens of thousands of people displaced by the continuing Libya crisis. Aside from the headline acts, other artists or bands performing included Alexandra Stan, Carlos Jean y Nana, Dani Martin, Despistaos, El Pescao, La Musicalite, Macaco, Maldita Nerea, Melendi, Malu, Mohombi, Robert Ramirez, Soraya, Taio Cruz, and The Monomes. UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Jesus Vazquez, who is a popular TV presenter in Spain, sent a video message to the fans and several of the performers spoke about refugees. Many of them also joined the UNHCR campaign, "Put yourself in a Refugee's Shoes," recording video messages of support and posing with the official campaign T-shirts. The campaign will be launched in Spain on June 20, World Refugee Day. It has been up and running in Latin America for several months. The conflict in Libya erupted in February and has triggered a massive outflow of people, with almost 1 million fleeing to countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Chad, Niger and Algeria. By Maria Jesus Vega in Madrid, Spain

official concert t shirts