Information On The Fashion Industry

information on the fashion industry
    fashion industry
  • apparel industry: makers and sellers of fashionable clothing
  • Fashion, a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time, in its most common usage refers to costume or clothing style.
  • A conspiratorial organization that is hell bent on forcing women of size to wear frumpy clothing, and to promote anorexia by utilizing uber-skinny models.
    information on
  • (Information Only) Source provided information to DOJ which did not require action. For example, sending DOJ a copy of a questionable advertisement or solicitation.
information on the fashion industry - How to
How to Sell Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories on eBay (How to Sell Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories on Ebay)
How to Sell Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories on eBay (How to Sell Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories on Ebay)
Turn Fashion into a Fortune
Whether you're selling vintage or new items, we'll show you how to attract buyers and bids in eBay's second-largest category. This unique category poses a host of issues. Navigating them is a breeze when you have lists of sources for even specialty and hard-to-find items, as well as insider tips on pricing strategies and inventory management from top clothing, shoe and accessories PowerSellers.
Learn how to:
Stay ahead of the curve by identifying up-and-coming fashion trends
Choose a niche—from vintage cowboy boots to brand-new wedding dresses—and become an expert in it
Make customers' purchasing decisions easy by including all relevant size information
Set a fair return policy
Determine the best displays for presenting any product
Take photos that perfectly showcase your merchandise
Plus: eBay PowerSellers' exclusive category tips!

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266/365 - 2009 | an embarrassment of riches
266/365 - 2009 | an embarrassment of riches
Friday night I took the bus to NYC and met up with my Mom and Amama (grandma) to go to an old family friend's apartment on the West Side. She is an adorable little icelandic woman who was once a knitting consultant in the 60s, in the fashion industry. My grandma was a textile designer. Fibers obvs run deep in me. Anyways, she is trying to purge things from her apartment, as it is full of amazing collected art work, art catalogues, and other ephemera from her long life so far. So she gave me stacks (and stacks and stacks and stacks) of vintage knitting magazines, many in German, and cones (and cones and cones) of awesome yarn that was too weak for the knitting machines in the 60s. Apparently, the factory wanted to chuck them in the garbage when they discovered that, but Ertha rescued them. In the stacks of knitting magazines, there are many vintage Vogue Knitting from the 60s as well as the most incredible vintage patterns, so many gorgeous colorwork charts, and many needlepoint motif books. I also got a book on designing fisherman aran sweaters and gangseys (sp?). The inspiration is bursting out of the 6 (yes 6) bags of magazines in my room at my parents' house. I'll bring them to Philadelphia, little by little. Perhaps some major designing will be in my future, from all the great ideas I have in my head from looking through these resources. I got cones of laceweight white cotton, that is a bit nubbly. It might be time for me to really learn how to do the complicated lace tablecloths that my Amama and her mother and Amama would make in Austria. I also received cones of a laceweight camel/wool blend (in the picture, this is just a bit of it) and 2 balls of the camel/wool blend 3-plied. I think I'm going to ply more, find some alternating colors, and make a sweater. Oh, and I got to see my grandfather's paintings in her home and listen to wonderful stories of my grandpa and Amama in the 50s and 60s. It was a wonderful night. And to think, I still had Rhinebeck to go to!
GUCCI GG 2653/S L7E Sunglasses
GUCCI GG 2653/S L7E Sunglasses
Please do not use this image without my prior consent. GUCCI GG 2653/S L7E Sunglasses. 68mm curved lens width. D.B.L. 10mm Spring 2000, the fashion industry has gone crazy with gradient lens and rimless design concept. It was the first year you see gradient lens every where on the market. Seems like all brands are tackle with the same idea. It was very interesting to see what companies can do differently. Gradient lens certainly was brought up and became highly trendy & popular in year 2000. Among all similar design concept that year, besides PRADA 2AC-1L I've also added GG 2653/S. As the PRADA goes best with light color suits and I need this pair Gucci to go for a black or navy suits. All the similarities in "structure", but all different in details. Anodize blue stainless frame with deep blue hue gradient lens, skinny, skeleton design. All provides a futuristic look. The crispness of shinning blue metal, it is dark, it is cold as ice. A modern art piece on your face. Take a close look of its temple, brand name and other information are engraved in. If you notice the nose piece, it is turning yellow like most of vintage eyewear. It is unavoidable. As my PRADA creates a happy and cheerful impression, this GUCCI provides dark and evil look. When put it on, I felt my personality changes. You will naturally give a evil grim or it just turn your sunny smile into a evil grim. I'm not joking around at all. Very gothic, very unfriendly there for, very COOL. I remember vividly, Jennifer Lopez hasd this pair in gold frame brown lens combo on TV during spring 2000. Madonna was wearing this exact pair, the metallic blue, the same year as well. That is how popular this model was.

information on the fashion industry
information on the fashion industry
Fashion (Discovering Careers for Your Future)
Fashion discusses 20 careers in the fashion industry, from apparel industry workers to tailors.

Careers profiled include:

-Apparel industry workers
-Color analysts and image consultants
-Costume designers
-Fashion coordinators
-Fashion designers
-Fashion illustrators
-Fashion models
-Fashion models' agents
-Fashion photographers
-Fashion public relations specialists
-Fashion writers and editors
-Knit goods industry workers
-Makeup artists
-Merchandise displayers
-Personal shoppers
-Photo stylists
-Retail managers and business owners
-Retail sales workers
-Tailors and dressmakers.

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