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History Of London Fashion

history of london fashion
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  • An industrial city in southeastern Ontario, Canada, north of Lake Erie; pop. 303,165
  • the capital and largest city of England; located on the Thames in southeastern England; financial and industrial and cultural center
  • London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures.
history of london fashion - Style City:
Style City: How London Became a Fashion Capital
Style City: How London Became a Fashion Capital
One of Britain's greatest cultural achievements of the late 20th century was the establishment of British designer fashion. Robert O'Byrne explores this phenomenon from the mid-'70s, when designer fashion scarcely existed in Britain, to the new millennium, by which time London ranked alongside Paris, New York, and Milan as a world-class fashion capital. The book describes and illustrates all the key players and influences of British fashion in the period: not only the designers but also the music, the clubs, the parties, the amazing dressing-up tradition, and London itself. The language of fashion is visual, and this sumptuous book reflects that with evocative photographs by Norman Parkinson, David Bailey, Patrick Lichfield, Barry Lategan, and others, including iconic images such as the young Princess of Wales, Katherine Hamnett at 10 Downing Street wearing her "60 percent don't want Pershing" T-shirt, Margaret Thatcher in Aquascutum, and other rare shots from the designers' own archives.

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Follies, Fashion, Fabric
Follies, Fashion, Fabric
Book cover with hand embroidered title...PLUS since the book binding is falling off, I peered underneath to find the spine itself has 4 measures of music/notes printed and hidden underneath. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Follies & Fashions of Our Grandfathers, 1807 An interesting and quirky fashion book previously owned and signed by J. Sanford Saltus, noted philanthropist of the arts and former president of both the New York and London Numismatic Societies. The book is a compilation of fashion magazines circa 1807 as the preface states, "The Follies and Fashions of our Grandfathers is an illustrated digest of the most amusing and characteristic matter contained in such magazines more or less flourishing in the year 1807". This profusely illustrated book contains amongst others, plate stamped engravings by William Hogarth (some fold-out), an engraved medallian portrait of Flaxman by William Blake, a portrait of William Wordsworth, and two full-page, hand-colored fashion plates. Some of the plates have been removed leaving roughly 18 out of the original 32 plates. Bound in contemporary quarter suede with gilt (gold) stamped crown and stitched label to front board and spine, this hardcover book measures 165mm by 232mm. Contains floral patterned fabric endpages and stitched fabric book marker. Signed and dated (1903) by J. Sanford Saltus to front matter. Overall, this is a fascinating book with some exquisitely rendered plates by major artists remaining along with a few pages of vintage advertisements.
55652931CJ957 Linda Evangel
55652931CJ957 Linda Evangel
LONDON - SEPTEMBER 19: A model displays her headwear on the runway at the Basso & Brooke fashion show as part of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2006 at the BFC Tent at the Natural History Museum on September 19, 2005 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

history of london fashion
history of london fashion
London: After a Fashion
London Fashion Week is the pinnacle of the fashion season, and it features an array of native designers, from Burberry and Vivenne Westwood to Alexander McQueen and Nicole Farhi. The roots of London’s place as the international epicenter of haute couture and pret-a-porter stretch back centuries, and they are explored here by Alistair O’Neill.
Arguing that fashion was central to the impact of modernity in late nineteenth- and twentieth-century London, O’Neill maps the progress of fashion against the city’s neighborhoods and streets. Carnaby Street, Soho, Jermyn Street, and King’s Road each get their turn in London, along with many others, revealing the intersection between London’s urban history and the development of fashion. O’Neill’s analysis is not merely confined to clothing—from the popularity of tattooing in the 1890s to the diverse uses of chintz in the 1980s design aesthetic, he traces the history of fashion in its various manifestations and explores how particular figures were key to disseminating fashion throughout British and international cultures. Participating in fashion, London shows, was not only a pleasurable aspect of modern urban life, but also a fundamental element of contemporary cultural sensibilities. London unearths vital moments of revolution in fashion that reflect deeper changes in London’s history and culture, contending that these historic changes are unfairly marginalized in accounts of transformation in the city’s culture.

A fascinating look at style and urbanism, London offers an intriguing reconsideration of the role of fashion in city life and fills in long overlooked gaps in the history of London and modern design.

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