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Fashion Schools In Dubai

fashion schools in dubai
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  • port city in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf
  • Dubai is a 2001 Big Budget Malayalam thriller film written by Renji Panicker and directed by Joshi. It starred Mammootty in the title role. He played the role of Ravi Mammen, a self-made business man in Dubai.
  • A member state of the United Arab Emirates; pop. 674,100
  • Dubai, a 2005 Filipino film shot in the country of United Arab Emirates that tackles a story about Overseas Filipino Workers, more specifically about three lives unexpectedly connected by friendship and love.
  • Its capital city, a port on the Persian Gulf; pop. 265,700
fashion schools in dubai - Patternmaking: A
Patternmaking: A Comprehensive Reference for Fashion Design
Patternmaking: A Comprehensive Reference for Fashion Design
Written by a seasoned professional Fashion Designer, this comprehensive reference covers all the technical aspects of developing precise professional patterns for garments. The focus throughout is on the procedures and principles of professional flat patternmaking using Basic Slopes (i.e., Pattern Blocks, Master Patterns, or Foundation Patterns), and on cutting and testing each completed pattern in tissue, pinned on the form completely marked. The exceptionally clear and visually detailed illustrations can easily be understood by readers without having to read the accompanying text. All the patterns diagrammed are shown in the exact stages and sequence of development--from plot to completion--including all necessary markings, such as punch holes, notches, seams, and grain lines. All About Patterns. Introduction to Pattern Making. CAD. Preparing the Form for Measurement. Drafting Basic Slopers from Measurements. All About Slopers. Sub-Sloper Development. Dart Manipulation: Pivot and Slash (Bodices; Skirts; Sleeves; Collars: Concave, Convex, and Straight; Flat and Stand Variations; Sleeve Bodice Combinations: Fitted and Deep Armhole Variations; Shirt; Suit-Coat; Capes and Hoods; Pant--Culotte-Shorts; Jumpsuits; and Dresses). Garment Details--Construction and Finishing (Buttons and Buttonholes; Seam Finishes; Hem Finishes; Buttons, Hooks and Eyes, Snaps; Basting Stitches). Figure Analysis: Bodytypes. Overview of the Fashion Industry. For fashion design students, professional designers, and anyone in the business of fashion design, regardless of their level of expertise.

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Season3: Eps 9 - Sin in the City 7 (photo story)
Season3: Eps 9 - Sin in the City 7 (photo story)
Danny: "I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry." Candy: "Whatever. Look, you owe Erin big time. If it wasn't for her I'd be in Dubai working on the photos for my next book with no plans of returning anytime soon." Danny: "What?" Candy: "You said she left before the holidays. Well, she came down to Kentucky to see me. She felt really bad about everything, so she came to fix it. She convinced me to come back." Danny: *mouth hangs open* Candy: "I was soooo nasty to her at first, too! I said awful, unfair things, and I feel soooo bad about it now! I said I was sorry later, but sometimes 'sorry' *gives Danny a filthy look* just doesn't cut it!" Danny: *mouth still hangs open* Candy (peevishly): "And, you know what? It just makes me madder at you because you're the reason I was nasty in the first place! You put me in that position! You lying bucket of snot!" Danny: "Erin's been with you?!" Candy: "That's what I just said, isn't it?! Keep up. She spent Christmas with us, actually." Danny (squeakily): "She spent the holidays with and dad?!" Candy: "Yes. You know, there's a sadness about her. Once she drops her bubble-headed heiress act, it's pretty obvious that she's lonely." Danny: *shifts uncomfortably* Candy (musingly): "I mean she didn't say anything specifically, but I think her family's full of a-holes. Plus, her twin brother died a few years ago. Did you know?" Danny: *rubs back of neck* "No, I, uh, really don't know that much about her, Can." Candy: *stands up* "I know! Why would you?! You only SLEPT WITH HER, RIGHT?!" --Conversation Stops, Everyone Stares-- Fashion Credits **Any doll enhancements (i.e. freckles, piercings, eye color changes) were done by me unless otherwise stated.** Chloe Tank: Mattel - My Scene Nolee Sleeveless Hoodie: Volks - WTG - Natural Love Belt: Mattel - My Scene Sneakers: Mattel - Hard Rock Cafe Barbie (Pink Box Edition) Bracelets: Goody Hair Rubber Bands Doll is a Costume Drama Giselle re-rooted by valmaxi and transplanted to a Poppy body. Suki Jeans: Mattel - Generation Girl Tori Belt: Volks - WTG - Selfish Shirt: Jakks Pacific - Hannah Montana - Lily Doll Bikini Top: watbetty Shoes: Momoko - Dash! After School Bracelets: mix of Knife's Edge Designs (Me) and Goody Hair Rubber Bands Doll is a London by Night Ayumi transplanted to a Misaki body. Reef Shorts: Mattel - CaliGirl Ken Wife Beater: Mattel - Ken Underwear Pack Belt: Volks - WTG - Selfish line Sneakers: Volks - WTG - Soul Drive Necklace: Me Doll is a IFDC Elite Pierre with a haircut and restyle by me. Z Jeans: Kelsie of Mutant Goldfish Designs Tank: Kelsie of Mutant Goldfish Designs Shirt: Jakks Pacific - Oliver Doll Belt: Fashion Royalty - Homme - Euro-Classic Fashion Shoes: Volks - WTG - Selfish Bag: Fashion Royalty - Homme - Thrill Seeker Fashion - Added the decals Necklace: Me Doll is an In the Mix Takeo Emma Dress: Feltland ( Cowboy Boots: Jennifer Sue Bracelet and Earrings: Knife's Edge Designs (Me) Doll is a Style Mantra Eden Candy Skirt: Mattel - My Scene Nolee Shirt: Spin Master - LivDoll Daniela - Added the buttons Belt: Cangaway ( Sweater: Jennifer Sue Boots: Volks - WTG - Natural Love Bracelets: Knife's Edge Designs (Me) Doll is a Making a Scene Erin transplanted to a Misaki body. Danny Jeans: Mattel - James Dean - distressed by me Shirt: Mattel - Harley Davidson Gift Set Vest: Mattel - Modern Circle Ken - Cut the sleeves of the jacket Boots: Volks - WTG - Selfish Belt: Me Necklace: Chain is from Euphoric Pierre/Charm is from High and Mighty Darius Doll is a Style Strategy Lukas

fashion schools in dubai
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