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cheap vegas airline
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  • Informal name for Las Vegas
  • Vegas was a musical outfit, active in the early 1990s. The duo was formed by the Coventry born singer Terry Hall and ex-Eurythmics member David A. Stewart. They released their self-titled debut album in 1992 as well as a trio of singles.
  • "Vegas" is a song by Scottish Electronica musician Calvin Harris. The single release was limited to 1,000 10" vinyl copies, and was sold through HMV. The song is the 8th track on Harris' first album, I Created Disco. The song utilizes the same bassline as "Acceptable in the 80's".
  • Vegas is a fictional character from the Marvel Universe. Debuting in Amazing Fantasy #13, Vegas is the protagonist of a modern superhero Western.

on the sunny side of the street
on the sunny side of the street
I used to fly often. Very often. There was a period of 4 consecutive years where I maintained platinum elite status on Northwest airlines. And every flight was just because. I wanted to get away. It was nice getting the free upgrade, and I met and sat next to lots of interesting people. A porn star, Governor Engler ( you wouldn't believe how greasy that man's hair is ) Lawrence Taylor, Don Shula, and Morgan Freeman, and a host of Senators and Congressmen/women. ) The coolest guy I met was a WWII carrier pilot. We sat next to each other from Honolulu to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to newark. He and I were both flying from Honolulu to Rome.....for the miles of course! ) 75,000 flight miles a year when you are just flying for leisure isn't so easy. It usually required a few flights to hawaii or Hong Kong at the end of the year. The mid week vegas day trip was also a big trip in my itinerary, since back then it was still cheap to do so. I mean who flies to vegas for 6 hours? In some ways I miss it, but in most ways I ask myself, what was I thinking? But back then this tunnel was my absolute happy place. It was like crack, the feeling of getting away. Likewise, coming back was like coming down from a high. Not so good. Soon as I was home I was planning on leaving. Now I'm in a happy place at home and in my life and there is nothing like a quick little getaway, but coming home is even better! In fact, the desire to leave is pretty much gone. I've turned into a homebody. but if anybody needs to know the absolute longest way to get from point A to point B , or where you can sleep in an airport , I'm your guy. :)
Reflection City - Vegas
Reflection City - Vegas
Las Vegas city reflexions on Wynns hotel's windows on a foggy day.. The main building in middle is the "Encore" hotel. © Stephane Calvet - 2010 - All rights reserved

cheap vegas airline