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Mauropteron, Daniels, Invert Taxon 1, p. 507, 1987. Type of genus:  Asilus pelago (Walker, 1849), by original designation.


“Distinguished from other genera with a dense covering of microtrichia on wing membrane (Daniels, 1987: 507) by having setae on most of the mesoscutum, the metanotal callosity bristly, and wing with only a small constriction in the 1st posterior cell. Males with 9th sternite fused to base of surstyli. Females with very long spermathecal ducts and an extremely short common duct.

Mauropteron differs from Neoaratus by having marginal scutellar bristles, and from Colepiaand Dolopus by the uniform covering of microtrichia over most of the wing membrane.” (Daniels, 1987: 507)

The genus Mauropteron, erected by Daniels in 1987, only contains two species: M. pelago (Walker, 1849) and M. farinum Daniels, 1987.  The latter species has recently been discovered in South Australia.  A paper, in press, describes the adult behavior of M. pelago, a handsome large blackish species and shows its distribution in South Australia.

                                                                                                    Mauropteron farinum Daniels, 1987


Daniels, G.  1987a.  A revision of Neoaratus Ricardo, with the description of six allied new genera from the Australian Region (Diptera: Asilidae: Asilini).  Invertebrate Taxonomy 1(5): 473-592.

Lavigne, R.J, A. Young and Richard Glatz. 2010 (2009).  Distribution and behaviour of Mauropteron pelago (Walker, 1849) (Insecta, Diptera, Asilidae) in South Australia. The South Australian Naturalist 83(2): 69-77.

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