Australian Asilidae

Dr. Robert Lavigne

Honorary Research Associate

South Australian Museum

Adelaide, SA




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            This web site would not have been possible without the brilliant photographic skills of my colleague and sometimes co-author, Mr. Gerhard Weber of Adelaide, who has unselfishly given of his time and talents to produce the robber fly images. I thank him profusely.  Additionally, I give thanks to my colleague and office mate, Archie McArthur, at the South Australian Museum who produced the close-ups of the male genitalia of Cerdistus species.  I would also like to thank the taxonomists at various museums, both in Australia and abroad, who provided me with specimens for study.   Additionally I would also like to thank my colleague, Dr. Fritz Geller-Grimm for his permission to use some of his photos of Australian Asilidae. I, also, commend Dr. Geller-Grimm for making available the world literature on Asilidae in pdf format.  For more information on worldwide Asilidae, the reader is directed to:  http://www.geller-grimm.de/asilidae.htm 

Created:  September, 2009

Last Updated::  January, 2017