Welcome to Australia

Welcome to this adventure which is about to start. During the first term you are going to read about Australia and do some research on it. You will be carrying out different tasks which will help you become familiar with this country, its culture and its people.


Working on these tasks you will be developing most of the skills needed for acquiring meaningful learning such as the linguistic, digital, learning to learn, social and cultural competences, among others. 
To design, create and edit your work you will have to use the following tools and social networks:
  • Google maps, to create a map of the most iconic places in Australia.
  • Google docs, to write several documents you will have to share with your teacher.
  • Padlet, to create a collaborative wall.
  • Wevideo (or any other similar tool) to create and edit a video curriculum.
  • Youtube, where you will publish your video curriculum.
  • Facebook, where you will share your work with the rest of the world.
Furthermore, you will be putting into practice the 1º Bachillerato Learning Standards by working on the 4 skills needed when learning a second language: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Let the new adventure begin!!!

SUBJECT: English
ACADEMIC LEVEL: 1º Bachillerato
SCHOOL: IES Vicente Medina (Archena)
AUTHOR: Inma López