The Australasian Craft Network is the Australian and New Zealand link to the World Craft Council.

The World Craft Council is the umbrella organisation of five regional associations (Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America), within which are various sub-regions. Historically, Australia and New Zealand have been in the South Pacific sub-region of the Asia Pacific region. The WCC General Assembly meets every four years. Regional groups meet annually.

In 2008, the Pacific Craft Network was established as a means of disseminating information from the World Craft Council to the island communities, as well as providing a platform for development of projects particularly in association with the Pacific arts festivals.
To complement that, the Australasian Craft Network provides those non-islanders of the South Pacific with a similar conduit to the World Craft Council and also a means of organising activities to the broader benefit of craft culture.

Members of the network will receive regular emails about World Craft Council activities, including workshops, forums and trade visits in the region. There will also be the opportunity to have a voice in shaping events in the Australasian region that connect with the international craft world, particularly a regional conference in 2014 on 'craft thinking'. 

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Pass on the knowledge

Visit our stack for articles of interest. For information about the network of craft and design organisations in Australia, please visit the ACDC page. 

ACN coordinators:

  • Dr Kevin Murray, vice-president, World Crafts Council Asia Pacific Region, Craft Unbound
  • Lindy Joubert, vice-president, World Crafts Council Asia Pacific Region, UNESCO Observatory
email australasiancraftnetwork@gmail.com

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