Welcome to AustinSkins!

We Play Every Weekend.  If you want to play, just sign up.

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USGA Rules Apply.  Please also review our Hard Card.

Questions? email us:  info@AustinSkins.com


We Love To Play Golf, Do You?

AustinSkins is a weekly skins league, open to the public. We play public and semi-private courses all over the Austin area. And we have the "fairest" game anywhere.

What makes AustinSkins different?

We are truly the "fairest" game in town. Other leagues may say it, we measure it! We measure and analyze the distribution of prize money for every round. We improve our system based on those findings. We are currently in the 4th iteration of the system, and the results could not be better. We publish all our findings and methodology, as we believe that transparency is the best policy, and we want to make it easy for anyone to help us get better.

Why did you start AustinSkins?

We started the AustinSkins Golf league with one goal in mind: playing a competitive round every weekend in which everyone had a chance to win.Creating a fair game that offers stiff competition has been our passion from the beginning. We want to provide a consistent place for people to play a competitive round of golf as often as they would like. We just love golf and we do this for the love of the game. We aren’t paid and we don’t want to be. We get satisfaction seeing the game grow, making new friends, and having a place to play every weekend.

Do I have to commit to playing every week?

No! There is never any obligation to play. Play as often or as little as you like. None of us are pros, we all have jobs, and lives, and families. Some of us play nearly every weekend, others play twice a year, and lots of people play one or two times a month. There are no requirements for how often you must play, however, we do a season-long points race, similar to the FedEx cup, so the more often you play, the better your chances of qualifying for the FedEx playoffs at the end of the season.

How Do I sign up?

Join our mailing list here:  http://eepurl.com/cpHLjb

Once you are on the list, you will get an email every Monday or Tuesday.  If you want to play, just click on the link to sign up for that week's game.  If you can only play every once in a while, no problem.

How Do I sign up?

Buy-ins are usually $30. There is a $5 tournament fee so that we can pay for expenses (we do not make a profit).  And green fees are usually under $50 and often around $35, depending on the course that we play.