Cardiac Medical Equipment

cardiac medical equipment
    medical equipment
  • Medical equipment is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions. These devices are usually designed with rigorous safety standards. The medical equipment is included in the category Medical technology.
  • Charges for the purchase of equipment used in providing medical services and care. Examples include monitors, x-ray machines, whirlpools.
  • any medical equipment used to enable mobility and functionality (e.g. wheel chair, hospital bed, traction apparatus, Continuous Positive Air Pressure machines, etc.).
  • of or relating to the heart; "cardiac arrest"
  • A person with heart disease
  • The heart is a myogenic muscular organ found in all animals with a circulatory system (including all vertebrates), that is responsible for pumping blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions.
  • Cardiac (Elias Wirtham) is a fictional character comic book vigilante hero appearing in publications from Marvel Comics. Created by writer David Michelinie and penciller Erik Larsen, he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #342 (December 1990).
cardiac medical equipment - A Practical
A Practical Guide to Cardiac Pacing
A Practical Guide to Cardiac Pacing
Now in its updated Sixth Edition, this highly popular book provides a practical introduction to the basic principles of cardiac pacing. It explains when and how to place temporary and permanent pacemakers, how to set rates and make adjustments, and how to monitor patients to ensure that the pacemaker is functioning properly. The complexities of cardiac electrophysiology are discussed in clinically relevant terms.
This edition includes current AHA/ACC guidelines on indications for pacing. Updated coverage reflects changes in biventricular pacing and telemetry and special concerns for patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators. A glossary and a conversion chart appendix are included.

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Ambassador Thomas also visited the VMMC’s CT Scan machine that was also donated by the U.S. Government.
Ambassador Thomas also visited the VMMC’s CT Scan machine that was also donated by the U.S. Government.
Ambassador Thomas also visited the VMMC’s CT Scan machine that was also donated by the U.S. Government. Since 2003, the USDVA has administered an equipment grant program to the VMMC and has donated over $5.7 million of medical equipment such as CT scan, gamma camera (X-Ray); radiography, fluoroscopy and portable X-Ray machines; an ultrasound machine; dialysis machines; ventilators; cardiac monitors; and two boiler plants that supply steam for the entire hospital.
The library recently became home to one of several automatic external defibrillators deployed across the LCC campus. Prompt defibrillation and CPR can significantly improve the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest.

cardiac medical equipment
cardiac medical equipment
Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician
Since the publication of the first edition of Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician, the use of implantable cardiac devices has expanded rapidly. Certain classes of devices such as implantable loop recorders and cardiac resynchronization pacing systems were not commonly used when the first edition was published, and recent studies have shown that implantable cardioverter defibrillators are beneficial in large, previously unrecognized patient populations at risk for sudden death. In order to meet this demand, cardiologists without special training in electrophysiology or pacing are implanting an increasing number of cardiac devices. It is in this rapidly evolving setting that Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician, Second Edition is being undertaken.
The main focus of this volume will be to provide a practical discussion of the “nuts and bolts” of implantable cardiac devices. The target audience will be cardiologists in practice and in training as well as nurses, technologists and industry. In addition, it will benefit physicians preparing for certification.
Additions to the new edition will include: Chapters discussing new cardiac devices; Implantation of Left Ventricular Leads for Cardiac Resynchronization Pacing Systems; Identification of Candidates for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy; Follow-Up Issues in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy; Implantable Loop Recorders.
Updates to the existing chapters will include: New Trial Information & Follow-Up of the Newest Generation of Defibrillators; Use of Defibrillators in Patients at Increased Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death due to Long QT Syndrome, Brugada Syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease; Updates to Lead Extraction – New Techniques and Tools; Cardiac Pacing chapter will shift focus to Cardiac Devices.
This new edition of Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician, Second Edition will become a valuable resource to the general cardiologist and cardiology fellow by providing practical information for managing patients with complex cardiac devices.

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