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Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney

It is perhaps a trite thing to say but everyone should make a Will. Whilst some of us may not be worth a lot of money whilst we are alive most of us are worth a fair bit when we are dead. It is important therefore to make clear what you want to happen to anything you leave behind when you die. Making a Will also gives you the opportunity to appoint the person that you wish to look after your affairs and if appropriate to express your wishes to the type of funeral you might have. There are a number of firms offering Will writing services and it is possible to make your own Will. Although these options might appear cheap on the surface they are often considerably more expensive and used as a bait to promote other much more expensive services. Do-It-Yourself Wills are risky as you may leave out something which is legally important.

While everyone should have a Will, everyone should also have a Power of Attorney. Under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act you can grant what is known as a Continuing Power of Attorney and a Welfare Power of Attorney which can only come into effect at a time when you are unable to look after your own affairs. An Attorney is someone of your choosing who can take over acting in financial matters on your behalf and if you wish you can also go on to grant that person Welfare Powers whereby they can make decisions regarding your medical treatment and other matters affecting your welfare. For further information regarding Powers of Attorney please
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