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If  you are buying or selling a house or a business in Scotland you will require the services of a Solicitor to carry out the technical legal work. This includes in the case of a purchase, submitting a formal offer to the sellers' Solicitors, advising and progressing the conclusion of missives, which is the formal letters of offer and acceptance leading to a concluded contract. In the case of a sale we receive the formal offer from the purchasers' Solicitors and take your instructions relating to that and progress the formal elements to the conclusion of a contract. Thereafter we would carry out the requirements necessary to ensure that you obtain a good title , that you will in turn be able to pass on to a future purchaser without any problems.  We would also deal with any mortgage lenders you may have and carry out their requirements in terms of taking a Security over the property or in the case of a sale discharging any security over the property. We are also able to assist clients in relation to the purchase of their Council or Housing Association house and also in relation to remortgages and transfers of title. We are very happy to give a quotation for fees and outlays on request and we are frequently informed that our quotations are more than competitive.