Speaker Panels

Spanning Backup
Spanning Backup, a Local Austin company, provides a continuous, automatic back up service for Google Apps (calendar, contacts, docs with Gmail support scheduled to be added soon.) Spanning also provides a set of free tools that help companies manage their content and domains as they move to the cloud.

Moving to Google for Email, Documents, Calendar, and Contacts can save you time and money, but it opens up a whole new set of considerations.  Mike Pav, Spanning's VP of Engineering will talk about some of the success and horror stories that Spanning hears from their customers and the customer demand that drives new features in Spanning's products.

Security on Mobile Applications
Learn about the main elements of security on mobile applications, with a focus on Android.

Presented by C. Enrique Ortiz, a veteran in the field of Mobile with 12 years of experience in mobile software alone -- ideation, design and development, architecture and product management. He helps and advises developers, companies and investors on all things Mobile: technology, strategy, mobile software and new products, and go-to-market. He is author of dozens of articles and presentations on mobility and development, blogs at About Mobility weblog, and is co-author of the first book exclusively dedicated to mobile Java and the Mobile information Device Profile (Wiley 2001), as well as co-author of Android in Action, 3rd Edition (Manning 2011).

Dev ops tools for mobile performance and configuration management
Instaops provides developer tools and SDKs to monitor and improve the performance of Android apps in production. Co-founders Alan Ho and Prabhat Jha will present common mobile performance issues, what it means to your users, and strategies/tools developers can use fix these problems in production.