Volunteering for Giant Chess
All we are saying is give chess a chance.

Giant Chess is fun for everyone involved, and it really brightens up Wooldridge Park.  We'd love to see the set out there more often.  But in order to have it out there, we need someone to come to the park and stay with the chess set while it's there.

That really is as easy as it sounds.  We store the set inside the Wooldridge Park pergola (thanks to cooperation from the Austin Parks & Recreation Department!), so there's no need to haul it around.

We take 90-minute shifts.  One volunteer gets to the park around 12:30, sets up the chess set, and stays there till 2:00.  Then another volunteer arrives, stays there till 3:30, and puts the set back away.

Volunteering doesn't require any kind of commitment; we know you can't be there every Saturday.  But if you're able to take a 90-minute shift every now & then -- say once a month, or once every couple months -- we want to hear from you.  Today.  Seriously.  If you're even slightly interested, please, get it touch with us.