Borrowing the Giant Chess Set
Because even bounce houses get old after awhile.


A Giant Chess set gets people's attention at all kinds of gatherings -- birthday parties, school events, festivals.  You're welcome to borrow the Giant Chess set for whatever you're doing, if you're a member of the Austin Parks Foundation.  (If you're not a member yet, click here; memberships start at $35, and it's a great cause.)  We'll need a $100 deposit, or some way of hunting you down.

You will need to transport the set yourself.  That means meeting us at Wooldridge Park with a fairly roomy vehicle for loading & unloading.  The set travels in 4 large bins, which will fit into just about any SUV, pickup, or other large vehicle.

To make arrangements, contact us in advance.  Bear in mind that we use the Giant Chess set in Wooldridge Park on Saturday afternoons, so we'll need to schedule around that.