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Finding Cemeteries On Private Property

Have you found headstones or
remnants of a cemetery on your property? 
Title 13, Part 2, Chapter 22, Rule §22.6 of the Texas Administration Code establishes the HTC designation as a means of preservation by recording boundaries in the county deed record.

Section 711.011(a)–(b) of the Health and Safety Code states that a person who discovers an unknown or abandoned cemetery shall file notice of the cemetery with the county clerk of the county in which it is located, documenting the land on which it is found by way of description as well as an approximate location of the cemetery and the evidence of the cemetery that was discovered.

'Notice of Existence of Cemetery' forms are available at the County Clerk's Office, Cemetery Records Office and also by e-mail. This form is used to record previously unknown cemeteries and is filed at the County Clerk's office. There is no filing fee. 

Contact the Texas Historical Commission http://www.thc.state.tx.us/about/contact in regards to cemeteries discovered as a result of archeological investigations.

In addition, if you are a property owner, and are interested in learning more about Cemetery Property Tax Exemption, please contact the Austin County Appraisal District at (979) 865-9124. They will have information regarding Property Tax Form 50-120.

Many of the older cemeteries in Austin County are located on private property. 
Please respect not only the cemetery, but also the property owner's rights.
Always obtain permission to enter private property.