Cemetery Records and More...


Our office has many State of Texas Designation Certificates, documents, maps, plats, deeds and historical backgrounds of numerous Austin County Cemeteries. Much of what is catalogued here has been made available through the ongoing efforts of several hardworking and dedicated Historical Commission and Historical/Genealogy Society volunteers.  This remarkable community service includes countless hours (years) of data entry, travels to the courthouse and tax offices, research and even excursions to hundreds of cemeteries to record the names, dates and locations (GPS) of our previous Austin County residents.
Deep appreciation goes out to all those individuals who have volunteered their time in the effort to preserve the heritage and history of Austin County. Thanks also goes out to those families and community members who make it possible to "get the job done."
To make an appointment to view our files, please call (979) 865-8633. Eventually, we will work toward making digital files that can be browsed through on-line.