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Pink Ar 15 Furniture

pink ar 15 furniture
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    ar 15
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pink ar 15 furniture - AR-15 "Kitty
AR-15 "Kitty Pink" furniture kit, fits MIL SPEC tube size
AR-15 "Kitty Pink" furniture kit, fits MIL SPEC tube size
This kit includes everything to convert your AR from dull to dazzle. This includes the TI-7 Tactical Buttstock, a set of Kwikguard Rail Covers and an A2-style grip.
KIT FITS: The buttstock fits on MIL-SPEC sized receiver tubes. The A2 Grip fits standard AR-15, M4 and M16 weapons. The Kwikguard Rail Covers fit on Picatinny-type mounting rails.
The TI-7 tactical buttstock has a contoured buttplate of a rubber-like material, that allows the stock to rest comfortably in any shooting position. The buttstock's sloping cheek-weld allows greatest shooting accuracy. The stock attaches by a unique, patent-pending method that ensures smooth rattle-free action. There are 2 water-resistant storage chambers for batteries or cleaning kit and the chambers can be opened while the stock is mounted. The release lever is shielded and the whole stock is very snag-resistant. The release lever can be operated with 1 hand to adjust or remove the buttstock. The TI-7 has an ambi socket for quick release sling swivels. Some states or communities have restrictions on collapsible buttstocks. Check whether any legal restrictions apply to you prior to purchasing this item.
ONLY FOR MIL-SPEC SIZE EXTENSION TUBES. If you are not sure what size tube you have, search Amazon for "extension tube identification tool" for an inexpensive way to determine what size of tube on your weapon.
This kit contains 7 KWIKGUARD rail covers (3 are 6 1/8" long, 2 are 3 5/8" long and 2 are 1 7/8" long). These rail covers assure a precise, aggressive grip. The KWIKGUARD rails snap on the rail. Since they don't slide on, it is typically not necessary to remove the accessories. The rail covers can snap on to virtually any location on the rail. The KWIKGUARD rail covers go on easily and stay put, enduring much abusive, until it is time to easily pop them off.
This A2 grip product design matches the government drawing for the M16 pistol grip.

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Colt AR-15 with short barrel, full rails, Aimpoint red dot site and Aimpoint 3x magnifier. Also sporting a collapsible stock and flip up sights. Surefire suppressor coming soon.
AR-15 DPMS AP4 carbine with Barska Tactical light, NCstar green laser sight, Tru-Glo red/green dot, Magpul stock, PMag with window, Hogue Pistol Grip, UTG pro Rail

pink ar 15 furniture