This weekend July 7: Free "Hands - on"  Austin Book Arts fair with Japanese binding, accordion book and suminagashi marbling.

July 7 2013 from 11AM to 3.30 PM at the Art School Laguna Gloria. More info

Austin Book Workers - Loving, altering, making books

Austin Book Workers is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering bookmaking and book arts in Austin, Texas, from ancient scrolls to e-books.

We meet the third Thursday of every month, September through May. Currently we are meeting at various book related venues around Austin. Check our event page at http://www.meetup.com/bookarts-69/.

Promoting books and book arts in central Texas

Through programs, workshops, and education, Austin Book Workers aim to make central Texans -- and the world! -- more aware of books and book arts.

We explore everything from artists books to fine bindings, from repairs to type setting. Our members are bookbinders, conservators, calligraphers, retired persons, students, artists, and people who love books.

Currently our dues are $12 a year for membership.

You can join Austin Book Workers through our Membership Form, by printing, filling out, and mailing us the form to the address on the form.

Austin Book Workers meet the 3rd Thursday, 6:30 - 8:30pm, September-May. Currently we meet at various venues in Central Austin. Check the Programs button at the left of your screen for each month's location.


Programs vary from month to month and center on techniques, tools, and talent. Check out the program for our next meeting on meetup.com. There, you will find a listing of past events as well.

Book Arts Fairs

Fourth of July weekend is Book Arts Fair in central Texas. In recent years the Austin Museum of Art graciously let us use their Art School facilities at beautiful Laguna Gloria for this free event, open to the public.

Austin Book Workers and their friends demonstrate book making, book structures, the history of the book, paper making, marbling, suminagashi, paste paper making, gold tooling, calligraphy, letter press printing, and making miniature books. There are several hands-on areas where kids of all ages can have fun playing.

Under Cover Friends!

During the summer, when we don't have regular meetings, members can sign up for an exchange program. Names are secretly drawn out of a hat, and everyone who signs up for UCF is given a secret -- undercover -- friend. Each month (June, July, and August) you send your friend a small gift: a handmade book, a tool, decorative paper, pens, cards... The list of gifts over the years is long and the items are wondrous.

In September we meet and display all the items we've received over the summer. The maker usually tells the receiver what was their favorite item to make.

Book Layout and Printing Software

Since October 2009 we are affiliate partner for bluesquirrel, maker of clickbooks. This is software to layout books and many other publications (170+ layouts), and some of our members use this and are very happy with it. Blue Squirrel Click Book

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