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Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is a music store owned by Ally Dawson's parents, Lester Dawson. It's located in a mall in Miami, Florida. Austin and Dez enjoy playing the instruments there and meeting the customers. It is the central location of the show. Ally is a cashier and her dad is the manager. This place was first introduced in Rockers & Writers.


Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom.png
Yellow/Gold and Grey (outside) Red and    multicolour (inside)
Location Information
Behind the Scenes
Employment:                           Lester and Ally Dawson
First Appearance:                  Rockers and Writers      

Sonic Boom is an instrument store that is run by the Dawson's family. The first floor has the entrance to the store and a wide square cashier. There is several types of instruments around the store, such as a Harmonica, Tuba, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar and (Rockers and Writers). There is also necessities, such as Disco Balls and and gum (Rockers and Writers). There is also a mini lounge in the corner of the store. This room is apparently located in a mall.

According to the episode "Filmmaking & Fear Breaking", Sonic Boom had just opened when Ally was 13 years old. The opening included a visit from a New York City-based music talent scout, seeking new students for an exclusive music school.



  • This is the first room introduced in Austin and Ally
  • There is no eating in the store
  • In real life, there actually is a store named Sonic Boom in Miami, Florida. However, it sells electronics instead of instruments
  • Ally, Austin, DezTrish, and Lester were all featured in this store in the very first episode
  • Employees can only touch instruments on the display
  • In the episode, "Everglades & Ally-Gators" Sonic Boom is only shown once and the rest of the show it is not used - the first time Sonic Boom isn't the main room/hangout