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Austin & Ally: Season 2! And some 'iTunes' Problems...

Austin & Ally started out in the early December of 2011, and it's viewers and rates have gone really far. Since the premier of the show, Austin & Ally have really shown they're stuff. Season 1 consists of 21 episodes, most released in 2012 already. Disney just a few days ago gave the contract to the Austin & Ally crew, and they have signed it for a whole new Season 2 of Austin & Ally!

Season 1 is not completely over yet, however, Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert have agreed to begin filming the new season this summer! This means that Season 2 will likely begin airing sometime this fall, just before 2013 hits! This part is great news, but on the other hand, iTunes made a small mistake with they're release of Season 2. It appears that Episode 11, "Songwriting & Starfish" is featured in Volume 2, instead of Volume 1. This is a little upsetting for users who are fans of Austin & Ally over iTunes, but we know that Apple does this with all of they're TV shows. Its just a way for them to make more money by dividing out the series into more volumes.

Weather this was a mistake or not, Apple should really place all of the Season 1 Episodes in the Volume 1 Package and prepare Volume 2 for Season 2. What do you think?