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Costumes & Courage

Costumes & Courage
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Shelley Jensen
Rick Nyholm
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Costumes & Courage
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Costumes & Courage is the very first episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on October 7, 2012.


Austin is invited to perform a song at Jimmy Starr's annual Halloween party. However, when Jimmy tells Ally that Taylor Swift wants to perform the song, Austin is furious that his partner sold his song.

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Episode Summary

The gang starts off a new season in Sonic Boom, where autumn has hit and Halloween is approaching. Here we see Dez carving a pumpkin at the counter and Austin sitting on a ledge in front of him. Ally comes and wonders why Dez is still carving the pumpkin. Dez shows her that his pumpkin is the exact replica of Austin's face. Ally was astonished by his art, but Austin disagreed about his hair. This forced Dez to smash his pumpkin to the floor and retry. Trish then comes in with a new job: the Halloween 'Atorium. Then, Jimmy Star makes an entrance into Sonic Boom, inviting the kids to his annual Halloween Party. He also states that he got an RSVP from Taylor Swift. Dez comes rushing in with 
a pumpkin carved of Taylor's face, however, Trish mentions that she's straighened her hair now. So, like the Austin Moon pumpkin, Dez smashes the Taylor pumpkin on the floor, convincing Jimmy to ban Dez from Taylor Swift. Jimmy then asks the gang to write a new song for Austin to perform at the party. He then gives the gang an invitation to Bradstone Mansion. Dez mentions that the place is haunted, which ticks Jimmy into giving the kids a scary Halloween description of the mansion. He then gives them a brochure and leaves Sonic Boom. Austin begs Trish to work one more day at the Halloween 'Atorium to get a discount on a costume. Trish planned on getting fired the next day, but decides to work for one more day.

Ally is in the Sonic Boom music room trying to create the new requested song from Jimmy. When she mentions the word, "Mask" it summons Austin up from underneath the piano and scares Ally with his mask. Austin then says he wants to discover their fears for the new song. Ally gives her stage-fright as an example, and Austin gives an extraordinary example that confuses Ally. Ally mentions how scary it was to go down the water slide, and how Austin mentioned not to open your mouth. Ally gives the lyrics, "Don't Look Down" as the chorus. They then begin to create their song.

The scene starts off at the Halloween 'Atorium, where Trish's boss demands Trish to organize certain costume and 
costume items. Trish doesn't feel like working, so she tosses it inside the "Bargain Bin". A random guy (Ethan) then comes and asks her for a historical figure pilot costume, in which she throws a pilot costume at him. Just then Dez comes in with his costume, however, it remains in a silver box for the time being. He then proves to Trish that his ghost-hunting technology works. Austin them comes up to her and tells Trish he mixed up his "Caveman" costume with a "Cake Man" costume. Trish doesn't want to go upstairs to get a Ninja costume for Austin, so she suggests a "Gladiator" costume, which Austin tries to wear. Ally then comes dressed as a nurse, and Trish does not give her any suggestions. However, to make her leave, she mentions a guy (Ethan, the guy who wanted the pilot costume) that would be perfect for her. As Ally tries to introduce herself and flirt, she screws up bad, making the boy leave the store. Ally wishes she could be more confident and cool. Ally then chooses to be Galexa Nova as her costume. Dez loves her, and states that Ally will never be able to pull it off, referring to the costume as its zipper is stuck on the manican  Ally then receives a text message from an anonymous person for a special meeting for lunch, telling Austin she doesn't know who. Dez believes it sounds suspicious, so Austin and Dez go out and spy on her. They leave the store with their costumes on, Trish not caring at all.

At the Miami Mall, Ally is at a two-table with Jimmy Star. The show focuses on Austin and Dez in the background. Austin wonders why the two of them are together, and Dez states (looking at Austin's cake-man costume) that's he's hungry. Dez and Austin then run behind a stand to spy on them. Dez pulls out his Super Sonic Sound Sensor that can 
hear up conversations further away. He focuses the sensor on a baby and describes it to Austin. Austin then takes it from him and focuses it on Jimmy and Ally. Jimmy tells Ally that he gave the song to Taylor Swift to hear, and she wants to perform it at the party. Jimmy notifies Ally not to tell Austin as this would be their little secret. Austin is now upset because Ally sold their song to somebody else. Dez then focuses the sensor on a couple about to go to prom.

Austin and Dez are back in the Sonic Boom music room when Austin is so furious about the two giving up his song. Dez gives him a suggestion - to write down his thoughts about them in a text then delete the text. Austin then writes his feelings down, expressing how angry he is at the two of them. Once Austin is finished, Dez takes his phone away and presses the Do not Send button, which was really the send button. Austin freaks out. Dez reminds him that it takes awhile before a text is sent, and Ally enters the room discussing about it. After Austin explains everything to her, Ally tells Austin that Taylor Swift was going to sing a duet with him at the party. Austin is then very thrilled. However, Ally reminds him that he just called his head of his record label an evil gutless rat. Trish gives the idea of spamming his
 inbox so he won't have enough time to read Austin's text. The gang then starts spamming his inbox, when Dez writes the exact words, "Jimmy Star, you are an evil gutless rat from Austin Moon" to his inbox. Trish quickly grabs his phone before he sends the message and throws it against the wall.

The party then begins at Jimmy Star's Annual Halloween Party at the Bradstone Mansion when Ally and Trish enter. Trish is dressed as a cave-women and Ally is dressed as Galexa Nova. They then begin their search for Austin at the party, and quickly find him at the staircase. Before they could talk, Dez turns around, revealing his costume as Austin Moon. He looks like him, but sounds nothing like him. Austin then comes, wondering where Jimmy is. Ally then calls his phone. A person then walks down the stairs, and the gang rushes to get his phone. After answering the phone and passing it to Dez, Ally states that his phone is still ringing. Dez tosses the phone into the punch bowl  revealing an angry person. Dez bobs for his phone and hands it back to him.
After countless searching, the gang still struggles to find Jimmy at the masked party. Dez states that Jimmy is not wearing an Austin Moon costume because he is the only person wearing it. Just then, Nelson comes walking down the stairs exactly looking like Dez. Dez then imitates Nelson's line, "Aww nartz!" Nelson then recites the Double Take lyric from his song. 

Trish suggests splitting up in the mansion, and Dez freaks out because of the many movies he's watched. Trish and Dez go right, Austin goes upstairs and Ally goes outside. Ally then meets Ethan outside. Ethan doesn't recognize her as Ally, so Ally gets another chance to wing in this boy. However, as everything goes smooth and when Ethan asks 
for her number, All is overjoyed and leaves the room without giving him her number. She then realizes that it's not important so she leaves it alone. Austin then comes back and finds Jimmy sitting on the couch. Apparently  Jimmy has not read any text messages on his phone. Jimmy also tells Austin the surprise of Taylor singing with him on stage. Austin acts surprised as he tells the rest of the gang about the news, convincing Jimmy. Austin also mentions to the gang that he has not read his text messages yet. Ally then asks if she can borrow Jimmy's phone to text her dad, when Dez lends his phone. Trish then takes his phone and throws it into the punch bowl. Ally states that she's going to delete her message to her dad, while deleting all of the messages sent to his phone. Ally 
and the gang are finally relieved. Austin then tells Jimmy they should prepare for the party, and asks where Taylor is. Jimmy points at the door, where Taylor is dressed as Galexa Nova, the same costume as Ally.
Dez and Trish are upstairs looking for ghosts. Just before they give up, they hear a strange noise coming from the chimney. They then see red slime drip from the walls and smoke from the fireplace. As the two are freaking out, Dez throws a pumpkin, which hits Taylor Swift and she goes unconscious  Trish thinks he hit Ally, but Ally reassures them that she's fine. The three then freak out because they knocked out Taylor Swift.

After, Trish blames Dez for the accident that happened. Dez tries to defend himself by stating that he was scared that ghosts were real. Ally tells him it wasn't a real ghost, and Dez goes all wacko. The sounds were a radio, it was jam on the wall and a fog machine in the fireplace all controlled by a remote. Trish doesn't know what to do, and Dez suggests texting Jimmy. Both Ally and Trish disagree. They then overhear Jimmy Starr announce Austin on stage and summons Taylor Swift. The gang then quickly assembles itself, and Ally then thinks in her head (as she was doing at various times in the show) about what to do. Since she was dressed and looked exactly like Taylor Swift, she decided to perform for her. She says these thoughts aloud then tells Dez and Trish, who already heard it the first time. 

Ally then goes downstairs to meet the crowd and sing the song. Ally talks to Austin on stage, stating that it's her. Since nobody knows it's Ally, her stage fight does not concern her. Austin mentions that even though she shouldn't look down the water slide and not open her mouth, to make sure she opens her mouth when it's her turn to sing. They then sing the song, "Don't Look Down."

Trish and Dez then congratulate Ally on performing. The gang suggests Ally perform all the time with Austin, but she mentions she could only do it once because she was pretending to be someone else. People still believe she is Taylor Swift, and people still believe Dez is Austin Moon. Dez is then signing autographs for little kids. With that, the show ends.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: Remember what you told me that time when we went to the water park, and I was scared to go down the giant water slide?
Austin: Keep your mouth closed at the bottom, there might be pee in the pool?
Ally: Yes, but you also said, no matter how scared I was, just push ahead and don't look down. Hey, that could be a cool chorus.
Austin: (Sings on piano notes) Yeah. Don't drink the pee in the pool.

Trish: He Dez. Great costume; but didn't you go as an idiot last year?
Dez: (Thinks carefully) Uhh, no.



    Trish's Odd Jobs
  • Halloween 'Atorium

  • At the beginning of the show, when Jimmy Star begins his haunted description of his mansion, he begins it with "Legend has it..." which was the special line Clavis used in Everglades & Ally-Gators
  • At the middle of the show, Dez gives helpful advice again, using the same emotion, eye swing and hand gestures that was first used in the episode, "Albums & Auditions"