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World Records & Work Wreckers

World Records & Work Wreckers
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Phill Lewis 
Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert
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World Records & Work Wreckers
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World Records & Work Wreckers is the tenth episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on March 4, 2012.


When Ally hires her crush to work at Sonic Boom, she can't bring herself to fire him. Meanwhile, Austin and Dez compete to see who can spin a basketball on their finger the longest, granting them a spot in a world record book.

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Episode Summary

Austin and Dez are seen by Ally reading the book of world records. They intend to break a world record. Dez tries the non-blinking world record. Then Trish comes, and Dez eventually lasts 8 seconds without blinking. Ally is caught starring at Dallas, and the gang help her by forcing Ally to talk to him. As usual, Ally embarrasses herself once again and volunteers herself to cut his lawn. Dez tries to set a random world record, which in the end just doesn't work out.
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Ally and Trish enter Sonic Boom (after Ally cuts every lawn in Dallas' neighborhood) and discover that amount of boxes inside the store. Unfortunately, Lester Dawson has a bad box, and since they can't afford to hire Trish as an employee it's just Ally and Lester; which just means Ally has to take the boxes up. Austin and Dez come in spinning a basketball on their fingers, training to beat the record for spinning a basketball on your finger the longest. Austin and Dez begin to get the competition ahead of their friendship. Meanwhile, Dallas comes in and thanks Ally for mowing his lawn. Ally quotes to him, "You think your job stinks? You should work here." Dallas leaves and Ally still embarrasses herself in front of him.

Dez is viewed training his finger. Austin comes in and both brag about training their fingers. They then try spinning other objects on their fingers. Austin spins a 16-pound cinder block while Dez completely fails at spinning his mom's good china plates (which are just plastic - see below under Glitches).

Dallas then comes into Sonic Boom and says he's ready to work. (Remember the quote Ally stated before?) Dallas first task is to take the boxes into the storage room. Apparently, Dallas quit his old job to come work at Sonic Boom. Ally asks him if he wanted to get his job back, and he tells her that the job was given to someone else. That particular person happened to be Trish.

Dallas is seen dropping the box, breaking what ever is inside it. Ally tells Trish what a horrible employee he is, and she doesn't have enough courage to fire him because Trish took his other job and because she has a humongous crush on him.
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Austin and Dez both bring an audience and judges to witness their records to place in the book. They then begin to spin the basketball and the record times begin.

Back in Sonic Boom, Dallas sold a $500 guitar for $50, and doesn't know there are price tags on things. Ally then makes him organize guitar picks. Austin and Dez enter Sonic Boom with their record officials and attempt to help Ally carry boxes up into the storage room while spinning the basketball. Lester walks in and Dallas calls out "hey boss!" Ally tries to cover up and on the other side, Austin and Dez dropped the boxes, and Dez gives away the fact that Ally hired Dallas. After Lester and her talk about it, Ally tries to bring up enough courage to fire Dallas but finds out he semi-likes her back; making the firing even harder.

Ally ends up giving Dallas a raise. Trish volunteers herself to fire Dallas for her, but Ally denies it. Austin and Dez come in, still spinning the basketball and go into a day-night-day thing by painting, Dez wrapping a present for Austin, playing ping pong and video games, and Austin performing a song.

Trish starts practicing Ally to fire Dez. Fortunately, none of the firings help Ally. Ally seemingly gets worked up about firing him, and because of her humongous crush. Ally then tries to find things that she hates to get her upset.
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Austin and Dez are just 5 minutes away from breaking the record, and both try to ruin chance of getting the record in the book. Ally tell them that they're best friends and they shouldn't care about this - and both stop spinning the basketball. Dallas comes in and says he needs to quit working at Sonic Boom because he got another job at the library. Ally tells Trish that Dallas quit, and Trish took matters in her own hands by hiring a cheer leading, marching band and a gospel quire to fire Dallas.

Ally says sorry to Dallas for what happened, and Ally finds out Dallas gets nervous about hanging around her. Trish apparently only kept her job at the Cellphone Accessory Cart for two days. Austin and Dez both go for new world records: Austin being the oldest man and Dez spinning the most china plates on his finger.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: Hey Dallas. Did you see that crazy story on the news?
Dallas: What story?
Ally: Uhh, which one were you talking about?
Dallas: I didn't - you brought it up.

Trish: Which one of you doofs is going to set the record?
Austin: What do you mean?
Ally: There can only be one record-holder.
Austin: Probably me. I'm getting pretty used to this.
Dez: It's going to take a lot more than pretty good to beat very, pretty good.

Dallas: I'll see you later Ally.
Ally: Not if your eyes are closed.

Austin: Well, can you spin a 16-pound cinder block on your finger?
Dez: Ahahaha, oh you amateur. Spinning something heavy wont help you. The key is to spin something light and delicate. That's why I brought all my mom's good china. Observe. Hang on... (breaks plate) x 8

Austin: In less than 24 hours, one of us will hold the world record for spinning a basketball.
Dez: And by one of us he means "me."
Austin: And by "me" he means "me."
Dez: I'm confused.

Austin: I can carry two boxes.
Dez: Three boxes and a birthday cake.
Ally: Why do you have a birthday cake?
Dez: Uhh because they were out of wedding cakes.

Austin: Please, this is the easiest thing I've ever done.
Dez: Well it's the easier-est thing I've ever done.

Austin: You know what? I'm going to let you win.
Dez: Oh thanks man. You know what? I'm going to let you win.



  • None
    Trish's Odd Jobs
  • Cell Phone Accessory Cart
  • Calendar Store (past)

  • This is the very first episode that doesn't include a song

  • When Dez is spinning his mom's good china for the first time, look and listen carefully. If you listen closely, you'll notice each plate crash is exactly the same - that makes it fake. On Dez's 4th attempt to spin the china plate, look at the ground and you will see the plate rolling on the ground - another reason why it's fake. Also on his 7th attempt, you should see the plate hit the other plates - making a plastic scratch noise rather than a plate noise - proving for the final time that the plates are just plastic.