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myTAB & My Pet

myTAB & My Pet
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Phill Lewis
Rick Nyholm
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myTAB & My Pet
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myTAB & My Pet is the fourteenth episode in Season 1 of Austin & AllyIt first aired on April 22, 2012.


When the kids all want the newest myTAB coming out, they decide to take turns camping out in line. Meanwhile, Ally's pet bird is on the loose, causing Austin, Trish and Dez scrambling to capture the bird.

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Episode Summary

Austin, Ally, Trish (she didn't actually do this, she just said that she did), and Dez spend the night at the mall so they can get in line early for the new myTAB. When Ally goes to wake everyone up for breakfast at 6 am, she realizes that Trish isn't in her sleeping bag, and catch her trying to sneak back in. Ally brought along her bird, Owen to keep them company, and tries to get him to talk, but the others tell her he can't. She also says its 
Owen's birthday, and opens the presents she got him while waiting in line. Mindy, a bully who has a massive crush on Dez cuts in line, and when Ally tells her the line rules she's made, she starts yelling at Ally about how "nice" she always is to her. Later, Ally's dad texts her, telling her she has to work today, but doesn't want to leave the line. Austin and Dez assure her that they will save their spots in line. Ally is unsure, and asks if they can be trusted, which Austin assures after Dez gets distracted by a balloon, confirming her suspicions. However, she leaves them in line, and goes to work at the store with Trish.

Trish hangs out with Ally as she works at Sonic Boom, where Ally admits she wishes she were back in the line. Trish assures her there is nothing to worry about, that Austin and Dez are in line and won't give up their places, when Austin suddenly appears in Sonic Boom, claiming he needed a break. When Ally is 
uncertain about leaving Dez in line alone, Austin assures her that he won't let anyone cut in front of him, however, when Ally and Trish return to the line, Dez has let many people in front of him, and are far from their original place. Dez said the only reason he let them cut in front of him was cause they all gave sad stories, including Statue Guy. Ally sends Dez back to Sonic Boom to help Austin watch the store, and watch Owen.

Austin shows that Ally's been texting him bird watching rules all day. When his phone buzzes again, 
Dez tosses Austin his phone, which falls in Owen's cage, and when Austin opens it to get it back, Owen flies out the window, freaking out Austin and Dez. Dez 

tries to call Owen back with a bird call, but only gets a Chicken delivery person dressed as a chicken. Austin goes looking for Owen but runs into Ally and Trish, whom realizes Owen is not in his cage when she sees him land not far from the line. Trish and Austin quickly cover up that Owen 
is missing before running off to find him. Trish is now in on the search, agreeing they need to find Owen before Ally finds out, and she, Dez and Austin fill the old popcorn machine Ally's dad found in a dumpster in order to attract Owen back to his cage.
Before they can find him, Ally returns to Sonic Boom, saying that she got booted to the back of the line after leaving it to throw her apple away. Austin and Trish try to keep Owen's disappearance a secret, however, Ally suspects something is up by their weird behavior, and runs up to the practice room which is filled with popcorn, and Dez is hiding in it. As Austin is about to reveal they lost her pet, Owen flies back through the window and into the cage.

Owen back safely in his cage, Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez try to trick everyone into leaving the line; Dez pretending to be a TechTown employee and saying there is a golden horse shoe hidden somewhere in the mall and whomever finds it wins a free MyTAB, however, he accidentally reveals it was a trick, and everyone returns to their spot. They then try to trick people into thinking a hail storm is coming, however Dez could only find cheese balls, not golf ball sized hail. Ally then comes up with the idea of Austin doing a free acoustic concert, which everyone hurries off, including Trish and Dez, to watch, leaving Ally to get the MyTAB. When Austin, Dez and Trish return, Ally has the MyTAB, and they all gush over it, until Mindy takes the MyTAB, saying that she found the golden horse shoe that Dez actually hid. Dez tries to get the MyTAB back from Mindy but ends up being forced on a date with Mindy. When they return to Sonic Boom, Ally asks Owen how his birthday was, and reveals that Austin let him out of the cage, Trish and Dez knew about it, and Dez touched her song book. Surprised and nervous, Austin, Trish and Dez run off.

Memorable Quotes

Dez: (Into the Megaphone) Hey everybody. I just got a job at TechTown, and good news - we're giving away a free myTab! All you got to do is find the golden horseshoe hidden somewhere in this mall. Oh you heard me - a free myTAB. (Speaks to Austin using the Megaphone) They're totally going to fall for it, then we'll steal their spots in line. Suckers. (Everybody gets back in line) Oops.

Austin: Did you guys hear that weather report? A freak storm's about to hit Miami.
Trish: Everyone should evacuate. They said there's going to be golfball size hail.
Ally: Evacuate!
Austin, Ally, Trish: Evacuate! x 3
Dez: Guys I couldn't find hail the size of golf balls so I just got cheeseballs.
Pirate Frank: We we so stravin' we were about to give up our spaces to get some food.
Billl: Now we don't have to, 'cause it's rainig sky-cheese.


Guest Stars

    Trish's Odd Jobs
  • Popcorn Store (past)

  • The item "myTAB" is a parody of an iPad
  • The item "myTAB" was also used in another Disney Channel Original Series, Good Luck Charlie, in various episodes
  • Austin539483.jpgThis episode's alternative title is "My Pads & My Parakeet"
  • The myTAB shown in this episode is actually an HP tablet
  • This marks the 4th episode to have an animal included
  • This is the first time Austin sang an acoustic version of a song

  • In Sonic Boom, (on the shelf in the back) you will notice a white iPad (or another kind of tablet), which is weird since they're fighting for a myTAB 6.
  • As the kids use their second method of getting people out of line, Ally, Austin and Trish plan to use golf ball size hail to make them run. However, all three were not prepared for such FAKE weather in the sense that it could have happened
  • In Kangaroos & ChaosDez shows the kangaroo video feed from a regular iPad. So the show distributing of what is called a myTAB seems to be a bit strange since they already have an iPad in the show. Having two companies in the same show selling the exact same product, with just different names? It's strange to you as it is to me. And why would Dez need another iPad if he's got one already?