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Everglades & Ally-Gators

Everglades & Ally-Gators
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Shelley Jensen
Clay Lapari
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Everglades & Ally-Gators
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Everglades & Ally-Gators is the seventieth episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on July 15, 2012.


The gang heads to Shiny Money's boathouse and while Austin and Ally are working on a song, Trish and Dez accidentally lure in legendary alligator, Big Mama. Chaos quickly ensues as they try to keep the houseboat and their summer vacation afloat.

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Episode Summary

Austin walks into Sonic Boom with Dez, both of them stoked for summer vacation as today marks their last day of school. Austin will be doing some cool stuff all day, Ally will be at the library all day and Dez needs to find a topic to do for his documentary for his video class. Just then, Shiny Money enters Sonic Boom and invitres Austin to jam with him at his Swampy Blast party in the Everglades. Austin always wanted to go to Everglades and is excited about the trip. But there's just one problem - the rest of the gang isn't invited. That's until they plead to allow them to come, and Shiny Money gives in.

File:Download.jpgThe kids arrive at the Everglades at the entrance to Shiny Money's Boathouse. Dez is unsure of their location, but the rest of the gang reassures him that he is in the right place. When the kids enter, they find the entire boathouse filled with solid gold objects - solid gold keyboard, solid gold lamp and a solid gold goldfish are a few to name. Trish also states that the weather (huimidity) in this climate is not good for her hair, which proves she proves after she takes off her hat. Dez wonders what they can do for fun around here, and Austin reminds the gang that Ally and him need to write their song first and then they can enjoy the rest of their "vaca". As the kids begin work, Trish and Dez aren't the "quiet" type people and end of making too much noise for Austin and Ally to handle. For instance, Trish uses the blending machine and Dez sings. So, Austin and Ally kick them out just until they can finish their song. Just when they open the door, Clavis, Shiny Money's next door neighbour comes in with golden chains in his hand. Clavis then tells the kids about a legendary alligator named "Big Mama" that lives in the Everglades. The legend has it that the alligater is 20 ft. long, it has rot fiery eyes, can walk on two legs and can jump clear over a house. Trish and Dez welcome Clavis in and allow him to tell more of this legend. Ally tries to scurry him out, but Clasvis states that his story will be short.

After a long story, Dez concludes that he will be doing his documentary on Big Mama. Clavis warns them that Big Mama has never been captured on video, giving questionable thoughts whether she eats people with cameras or not. With that said, Trish heads outside and reminds Dez to bring his camera as the two scavenger to find Big Mama.
File:Everglades and Ally gators2.png
Later at night, Ally has the starting part for Austin's new song. As Austin starts it, Trish comes running in screaming Big Mama. As the kids jump up to see, Dez comes running in and says they're rehearshing Trish's scream for when they encounter Big Mama. After Ally stops Trish and Dez from making too much noise, they agree to be quiet. Dez and Trish start using their electronics, and start plugging things into the outlet. Austin notes that it may cause a power outage, and as Trish plugs in her hairstraightener, it blackens out the entire boathouse. As Austin realizes that he can't write his new song, Ally confirms they've got bigger problems - a pair of red fiery eyes are starring right at them outside the window, while also making growling noises. The gang freaks out, as the show goes into it's next part.

As the eyes are still starring, Clavis enters the boathouse, wondering why they're screaming. He shows that he was returning Shiny Money's two red flashlights. The gang wonders why he was growling, and he states that he was choking on a mosquito. Clavis then welcomes himself in, and asks the kids if they'd like to hear a ghost story. Before he could begin, Ally kicks him out. Austin wonders how he'll write his song, and Ally tells him they should get a good night sleep first. Since the power's out, there's no air conditioner either, so it was too hot to sleep in the boathouse. Dez solves the problem by suggesting they sleep outside.

The next morning, the kids wake up at the entrance of the boathouse all covered in blankets and pillows. The gang confirms that none of them could sleep because of Big Mama and mosquitos, except for Dez, who says that's the best he slept in ages. Trish believes that the humidity has made her hair puff up even more. She asks how it looks, and Austin and Ally tell her nothing's wrong with it. Ally then finds a note on the table, from her dad. He left early in the morning and will be back later tonight. Dez and Trish go back hunting for Big Mama, and Austin notes that they have to write the song somehow. He then remembered that Clavis gave him his business card, which is basically to yell out his name if they need him. Clavis goes on an answering machine, and Austin tells him they need his help to write their song.

Dez and Trish are walking through the thick Everglades forest, and Trish states that if she's out any longer with the humidity, her hair will be bigger than her. Dez requests any water, and Trish has a large water bottle with her in her handbag, drinking some and pouring the rest on her hands, then handing it to Dez.  Back at Shiny Money's Boathouse, Clavis returns with some instruments. Austin and Ally are relieved that he has a guitar, but Clavis reassures them that these are blowing chugs and a thumping bucket. Ally is convinced, and we don't know whether she was being sarcastic or happy, but it looks more happy.

File:Everglades and Ally gators.JPG
Dez is now filming through the thick trees, continuing his search for Big Mama. Dez then encounters with a tiny baby alligator sitting on a log, believing it is Big Mama. Trish reassures him of what it is, and starts walking back to the boat. Dez follows her, and the little baby alligator follows him. Back at the boat, Austin is singing the chorus to his new song. As Dez and Trish walk in (leaving the door opened) the baby alligator follows. They also hear the end of the song, and states that it is a great song. Ally states that they've finished the song and Clavis fixed the power, so they can now enjoy the rest of their vacation. As Ally is ready to party, she notices the baby alligator on the floor and warns Dez about it. Dez doesn't know why baby-gator followed them home, and Austin states that he smells rotten meat. Dez pulls the meat out of his pants, saying he wanted to keep his pants cool. Ally then concludes that the stink of the meat attracted the alligator. Dez reassures them, as he pulls out raw chicken from his pants as well. Trish gets the gang's attention, as Big Mama breaks through their door, growling at them.

Big Mama is chewing on a wooden chair, and Dez states that this will be his chance to catch Big Mama on tape. Austin stats that this will they're chance to get eaten. Austin runs to the door, pulls the chair away and slams the door on Big Mama. Trish, Austin and Dez then push the red couch to block the door. Big Mama then breaks the window, aggressively finding another way in. Austin and Dez cover the window with a painting while Ally and Trish scream and run. The gang wonders what attracted Big Mama, and Ally states that it's because baby-gator is here. Big Mama finally breaks through the painting, growling at the gang. Trish has an idea, and places Dez's head outside the window to attract the beast. As it comes to the window, Austin attracts the baby-gator with some meat, and tosses it outside the door, putting an end to the attack. They wanted to know whether the alligator was gone or not, so Dez drills a hole in the wall and sees no alligator. Trish suggests she's under the boat, so Dez drills a hole on the floor. He sees no alligator, but quickly realizes what he just did. Water starts flowing out of the hole, and the whole gang rushes to stop it. The phone starts to ring, and Trish runs to get it. It was Shiny Money, wondering how they were doing. Trish tells him they're having a great time while Austin looks for something to clog the hole. He then finds a golden microphone trophy, and Dez plugs the hole, saving their boathouse. The gang stays calm, happy that the hole is plugged.
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A few hours later, the boathouse sinks. Shiny Money comes running in, seeing the whole disaster. The gang shows proof to Shiny Money of Big Mama's appearance, and all he sees is Trish's big hair. Dez did not get the video footage of Big Mama. Ally quickly notices baby-gator has returned, and wherever he is, Big Mama is. The gang runs away, leaving Shiny Money clear to Big Mama.

Later at night, Shiny Money introduces Austin Moon to his Swamp Blast party. Austin then signs his new song, "Na, Na, Na (The Vacation Song)". Back at the Mall of Miami in Sonic Boom, the gang looks back at their vacation and thinks it was awesome. Dez also tells the gang he was able to finish his documentary, as he turned his video shots into a horror movie about Trish. Trish loves it and hugs Dez, and Ally concludes that this is scary, ending the show.

Memorable Quotes

Dez: And so Austin and Ally begin working on a song for Austin's big talenfized performance. It's important they not be distrubed.
Austin: Funny you say that, 'cause your totally distrubing us.

Dez: I'm trying to find something exciting to make my documentary about.
Trish: You can still make it about me.
Dez: Oo, I said something exciting.



    Trish's Odd Jobs
  • None

  • This is the very first episode in the series that doesn't take place too much in Sonic Boom
  • This episode is part of Disney Channel's Summer Adventure Weekend along with Jessie, Fish Hooks, Gravity Falls and Shake It Up
  • This is the 5th episode to feature an animal
  • This is the first episode to directly mention a character i.e. Ally (Ally-Gator)

  • In the alligator scene, (the front view out of the door) looks totally fake - nothing of what I expected (a little more animated and realistic)
  • In the back, you can see two wheels, when really a bike only has one on each side