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Club Owners & Quinceaneras

Club Owners & Quinceaneras
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Eric Dean Seaton
Joey Manderino & Samantha Silver
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Club Owners & Quinceaneras
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Club Owners & Quinceaneras is the eight episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on February 19, 2012.


Trish is forced into having a quinceanera for Austin to perform and Ally tries to learn how to dance for her secret crush at Trish's party. When everything seems good, the party goes completely down.

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Episode Summary

The show starts off with Austin taking a basketball shot off a piano into a tuba hole. He scores. Ally comes in and takes the ball away. She then takes a shot but fails miserably. She then reminds them "no playing ball in in the store". Trish comes in saying she is having a quinceanera, but feels bummed about it because her mom is making her have the quinceanera. Trish talks about guests coming, and Austin is excited to say that he wants to meet the club owner to get a national tour. It ends off with Trish excited for her quinceanera because of the presents.

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It starts with Dez showing Trish entrances to her quinceanera. After his presentation, Austin comes in and profound's Dez's idea to fly on a rope entrance into her quinceanera.

Trish and Ally walk through the mall, and they are handing out invitations to her quincinera. JJ (Trish's brother) tries to prove to his sister that he is a magician, but fails. Then Ally notices Dallas, and tries to act cool around him, but also fails. Trish then invites Dallas to her  quinceanera so that Ally could dance with him. Dallas comes back for his drink, and Ally still fails to talk to Dallas properly. Ally then proposes that she is going to learn to dance.

Ally tries to practise her dancing with Austin. Austin steadily shows Ally into the mood of a slow song, and how to dance in it. As they do it, Ally crashes Austin into the music box and Austin hurts his foot; damaging his chance to dance at Trish's quinceanera in front of Amelio.

Dez comes in and places the ice pack on Austin, which ovbiously doesn't work. Ally comes in and apoligizes, and Austin arranges Dez to be Dallas and Ally to practise dance with him. They both practice, and when it comes to a spin, Dez spins himself out of the store.

Ally and Austin both enter the quinceanera, Austin forgetting a present for Trish. Dez also comes in with his puffy clothes. Trish's mother announces the quinceanera to begin, and she comes on stage with a whole new dress. Her mom talks about her jobs, then Trish and her dad start their traditional dance. Dallas is just standing on the dance floor, and Ally freaks out about asking him to dance. She says she'll wait for the next slow song. It's been 2 hours, but still no song. Dez then decides to get the jungle rope ready. Finally Ally goes to ask Dallas to dance. However, after some weird stunts from Ally, Dallas denies Ally's request to dance. Dez comes flying on a rope, crashing all of Trish's presents and the DJ Table. Ally then leaves in the rush because of her embarrassment.Al88JZgCEAA1ZQV.jpg

Austin goes to talk to Ally. Meanwhile, JJ does his magic tricks on stage to stall for time. He does a trick that cuts Trish in half. He succeeds, but forgets how to put her back to normal. Austin then tracks down Ally, who happens to be under a table. Austin tries to comfort Ally and helps her get over Dallas. Dez comes in and reminds Austin that Amelio is about to come. He also reminds them that the quincineta is being cleaned up. Austin tries to sing A Billion Hits infront of Amelio, but sees Ally is down and decides to dance a slow song with Ally. Then the quinceanera is over. In the end, they find out Amelio owns country clubs, not night clubs. They try to piece together Trish.

Dallas comes in and says to Ally that he doesn't know how to dance either, which was the reason he couldn't dance with her. Ally showed him that she couldn't dance either, which proves they have something in common. Trish flips because all her presents are ruined, and Dez completes the disaster with the break of a glass cup.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: I can't believe they haven't played another slow song. It's been two hours, the party's almost over.
Austin: I can't believe Amelio hasn't shown up yet.
Dez: I can't believe how many shrimp I can fit in my puffy pants.


Guest Stars

    Trish's Odd Jobs
  • Day Care

  • Ally and Dallas both have something in common: both are bad at dancing
  • There's no explaining how Trish got out of her magic box