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Face Puncher

Face Puncher was the neanderthal guy in the show. He threatens Trish and we don't even know what he does to Dez after. His jacket was the one Trish took and used for the music video. Face Puncher first appeared in Kangaroos & Chaos and was portrayed by Hollywood Yates.

Face Puncher
Full Name:
Resides in:
Face Puncher
Miami, Florida
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
First Appearance:                 Kangaroos & Chaos
Last Appearance:          Kangaroos & Chaos
Portrayed by:                         Hollywood Yates

Face Puncher was first brought up by Trish when she mentioned his name at the counter after confessing she took the jacket from her job. After spilling it in caramel, Trish and Ally both attempt to clean it off, but in their process of cleaning it (because the caramel is so sticky) they stuck other materials on the jacket. Face Puncher then shows up at the Dry Cleaners and asks for the jacket, the girls hesitating to give him the truth. Face Puncher finally agrees to come back at 8:00 to pick up his jacket. The girls try to clean it by placing it in a highly advanced dry cleaner with other clothes in it. When they come back, Trish shows the gang that his all star jacket has been turned into a small pink loving kid jacket. When Face Puncher appears at the door, and notices the change, he wants to face punch all of them but his little girl "Mad Dog" saves all of them as the jacket perfectly fits her and her outfit. Face Puncher loved to see his girl happy, and the gang eventually make up, but when Dez signs Face Puncher's undershirt with ketchup, he chases him around and, according to Mad Dog, "beats him up".