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“ What game? 

                                -- Dallas in Club Owners & Quinceaneras

Dallas is Ally's crush who works at the Cellphone Accessory Cart, at the same Mall that Sonic Boom is located. He is a recurring character on the show. Ally lists reasons as to why she likes him, namely his hair and great smile. He now works at the library. He is portrayed by Noah Centineo.

Full Name:
Resides in:


Miami, Florida
Cellphone Accessory Cart, Library
Mother (Librarian)
Ally Dawson
Trish de la Rosa
Ally Dawson (possibility)
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
First Appearance:                  Secrets & Songbooks                
Portrayed by:                           Noah Centineo


Dallas is a really nice guy. He says sorry when he couldn't dance with Ally, meaning he cares about peoples feelings. He might have a crush on Ally because of the kindness he shows toward her. He gets nervous around Ally sometimes.


Dallas was first introduced in Secrets & Songbooks, where he is selling cellphone accessory's to another person. He passes Ally to throw something out in the garbage. Ally reveals that she has a crush on him. In Club Owners & QuinceanerasTrish invites him to her quinceanera, believing he and Ally will slow dance with each other. It turns out they don't, but Dallas does come back and apologies to her because he can't dance, and him and Ally both show that they can't dance to each other. In World Records & Work Wreckers, Ally hires Dallas into Sonic Boom, which he happens to be a terrible employee. Ally tries to get the courage to fire him, but Dallas quits and works at the library.


It is unknown about her as Dallas does mention her in World Records & Work Wreckers. It is revealed that she is a librarian, and wants Dallas to work at the library, possibly with her.


Ally Dawson
He appears to find Ally strange throughout Secrets and Songbooks, but during Austin's performance of Not a Love Song, the two share a smile. In Club Owners and Quinceaneras, Ally wants to share a dance with him but he can't dance so he rejects her. He later confesses to Ally that he can't dance and she says she doesn't know how to dance either. At the end the two awkwardly dance together. He possibly has a crush on her, as seen in World Records & Work Wreckers.

Trish de la Rosa
Trish and Dallas don't talk to often, but they sound as if they know each other very well. Trish invited Dallas to her Quinceanera, hoping he would dance with Ally.


Throughout some of these episodes, Dallas has played a small role in revealing his information, but there is a little. Below are all of his characteristics we've found and what show we found it in.

  • Ally has a crush on him.
  • He works at the Cellphone Accessory Cart
  • He doesn't know how to dance
  • He shows compassion that he actually cares about Ally
  • He shows signs of comfort and possibly flirt with Ally (he does mention he gets nervous around her)
  • He now works at the library