Austin and Ally, family's newest TV show, is about a boy named Austin Moon who is terrible at writing songs but loves singing on stage and a girl named Ally Dawson who loves writing songs, but has terrible stage fright. Together they can just make it! Along with them they have their best friends Trish de la Rosa as Austin's manager and Dez as Austin's video director. Together they all change that ordinary day into something you would never expect! Founded in 2011, this website is a site about the new show: Austin and Ally. We hope you enjoy the website as much as you enjoy the show.

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Austin & Ally Soundtrack Updates
UPDATE - The soundtrack is now available for free download. Click here for more info. We just wanted to inform all our viewers that the soundtrack is finished! I know we were supposed to release it a few days ago, but before we did, we were able to download MUCH better quality music for you guys within the download, so we weren't able to give you guys the download just yet. Read More...

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Jimmy Starr, Austin Moon's first record dealer.

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Nelson is a little kid, perhaps aged 8, that Ally gives music lessons to. He always comes in with something "out of the ordinary" as we'll call it. Some things are mostly impossible for a person of his age. He also says a famous quote, "Aww nartz!" He is portrayed by Cole Sand. Read More...

Featured Song                                                                          

Can't Do it Without You (Acoustic Version) was originally written from "Can't Do it Without You (Theme Song)". Austin Moon performs this song in theSeason 1 Finale, "Albums & Auditions". He performed it at Jimmy Star's party for Ally, where a slideshow video displayed DezTrish and Austin saying goodbye to Ally. In reality, this song was written by Jeannie Lurie, Aris Archontis and Chen Neeman Read More...