1st Australian Civil Affairs Unit Association Incorporated
(Incorporated in the ACT - Number A04852, Australian Registered Business Number (ARBN) 137 608 130)

This small unit was formed in 1967 and served in Vietnam for four years.  Even at its peak it had less than 60 members.

It performed a unique role trying to win the support of the Vietnamese people for the Government in Saigon – this role became know as “winning hearts and minds”, or WHAM.   

The unit was involved in the construction of schools, market places, medical centres and water reticulation systems, and ran educational, medical, veterinarian and agricultural programs throughout the Australian Task Force’s area of operations. 

Unit members became widely known and accepted by the locals and were able to travel with minimal protection.



The Association was formed on 10th April 1988 and grew out of the efforts of a few who took the initiative and forced it through.  The objectives of the Association are:

·       To create and cherish a bond of comradeship between all members of the Association

·       To assist members and the families of deceased members whenever necessary

·       To facilitate communication between members

·       To keep members informed of the Association’s activities and other relevant information

·       To support projects that aim to improve the wellbeing of the citizens of Vietnam


Membership of the Association is open to:

·       All persons who served on the posted strength of the 1st Australian Civil Affairs Unit

·       All persons who assisted with or were involved in the raising of the Unit or who undertook civic action type projects in Vietnam

·       Members of the immediate family of a person who was on the posted strength of the Unit