As one of the surviving five who have attended all Aussie Nash Hashes since it started back in 1985 I was asked to write the history of Aussie Nash Hash. They say history is the opinion of someone who was there at the time but in some cases not written down at the time. For this reason what is remembered my not be totally correct or lacking in parts.

Since it started a lot of Hashing has been done and much amber liquid has been consumed with the result many brain cells being damaged but despite this my memory of these events is reasonably good.

If you feel though that my report is incorrect please advise me and I will fix it up.

So that the accounts are as accurate as possible I will not solely rely on my memory. My wife Refill another survivor will assist. I will also consult the many photos available and the Video/DVD's that were produced. Also over the years I have heard stories from others as well and I will use these in my report.

Before writing history/opinion I think we should know how it all started. There is no better person to report on this than Slab, another survivor who was one of the founding fathers of the Aussie Nash Hash movement.

The concept of an Australian National Hash event being held every 'odd year' was born during Sydney Interhash 1984. In true Hash tradition the idea evolved via the grapevine over the duration of the Sydney event and somehow the Gold Coast was mentioned as a potential inaugural venue. Captain Knockers, of Sydney Harriettes fame and part of the Sydney Interhash Committee, springs to mind as being one of the instigators and on our return Keith Sly and I approached the Gold Coast Committee. They were agreeable to Gold Coast Hash House Harriers supporting the concept if Keith and I were prepared to fund and run the event.

We agreed, notified Captains Knockers, who gave us able assistance with the Sydney Interhash facts and figures and, as they say, the rest is history.

Keith (Financial Controller of his own company) had just installed this fascinating new machine called a computer and, as no programme could be purchased off the shelf, had to adapt his business programme to accommodate the Nash Hash event.

Our telephone guru (now Sir Rabbit) installed this amazing phone into my home which gave me free calls Australia -wide (don't ask) and I was able to spread the word as we were not in email mode back then.

A Committee was formed as follows: Hash Cash - Keith, Venues, Runs - Slab, Booze and Food - Tones, Giveaways - Point 2 and Sewerage.

It was agreed that the event would follow along the lines of the Interhash programme and be run over the Easter break.

The above was taken from the Aussie Nash Hash 2011 Souvenir Programme.

Before I write my account of Aussie Nash Hash I would like to point out that Refill and myself can honestly say that we have never been to an event where we did not a good time. Over the past 31 years and 16 events some of the hosts really did excel themselves by doing something different and give excellent value for the money we paid where a few others just did the basic. Some of the events have had a few problems through no fault of their own and being let down by outside influences but that happens.

Any conclusions that I may draw will be based on how each host ran their event based on the Interhash programme criteria.

Basically I see an Interhash Programme as follows.

1) A Giveaway pack.

2) Friday - Welcome Party with good supply of refreshments (beer, wine and soft). A good meal. A band for dancing to. Anything else is a bonus.

3) Saturday - Good runs followed by food and refreshments.

4) Saturday night - Entertainment additional to Hash Acts.

5) Sunday - As per Saturday.

As time went on there were Pre and Post events but my comments will be based on the main event, AUSSIE NASH HASH.

I repeat what I have said above and that is if there is anything that you would like to add or what I have said is incorrect please let me know and I will add or adjust it accordingly.

Central Coast Hash House Harriers

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