Researching Jacobina HOURSTON who married  James IRVINE abt 1794.

I am interested in the families of Robert HOURSTON (b abt 1717) and Katherine JOHNSTON who married on the 7th January 1742 at Evie and Rendall, Orkney Isles.

Robert and Catherine’s Children were:
(N.B) all events are at Evie & Rendall, Orkney, Scotland

1. Christian HOURSTON (F) Christening: 03 MAY 1743
2. Margaret HOURSTON (F) Christening: 10 JUN 1744
3. Christian HOURSTON (F) Christening: 22 SEP 1745
4. Euphemia HOURSTON (F) Christening: 16 JUL 1747
5. Ann HOURSTON (F) Christening: 02 AUG 1747 m. Hugh TRUMBLAND 18 MAY 1780 d. 1841 - 6 children
6. Crawford HOURSTON (M) Christening: 29 JAN 1749
7. Christian HOURSTON (F) Christening: 28 JAN 1750
8. Katharine HOURSTON (F) Christening: 17 AUG 1751 possibly married George LINKLATER.

Then a Robert HOURSTON (b. abt 1719) had the following children:

1. John HOURSTON (M) Christening: 1754
2. HOURSTON  (M) Christening: 28 MAR 1755
3. Jacobina HOURSTON (F) Christening: 1755
4. Katharine HOURSTON (F) Christening: 08 DEC 1764
5. M. HOURSTON (M) Christening: 1766 Mother Kathne. BANKS

James HOURSTON and Mary MUIR Family Group

James HOURSTON and Mary MUIR were married on the 27th October 1860 at Firth & Stenness,  Orkney Isles and had 5 children. 3 of their sons and daughter Jean also known as Jane journeyed to Queensland, Australia.  James was born on the 10th July 1840 at Corquoy, Evie & Rendall, the son of James HOURSTON and Ann JOHNSTON.

James and Mary's children were:

1. Son: James Anderson HOURSTON
 Died: 20 March 1919 at the Mater Hospital,  Brisbane, Queensland.
 Buried: 21 Mar 1919 at Toowong Cemetery, Toowong, QLD, Aust. Portion 12 Section 40 Grave 16/17 
 Spouse: Maude Agnes Elizabeth JONES (1868 - 1 November 1913) married in 1910 at Woollahra, New South Wales.
 Children: 1. Mary Maud HOURSTON b. 1908 

From the Electoral Rolls we have James as being in two places in 1913. First as a Commission Agent residing at 157 Annie Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane then as a Publican at the Commercial Hotel, Eumundi.  On a lovely winter morning, I found James's resting place on the side of a hill along with many other Scottish people. There was no mention of his brother George who is also buried in the location. No record for Maude is held so she may actually be buried somewhere around Gympie.

James Anderson HOURSTON HeadstoneJames Anderson HOURSTON HeadstoneJames Anderson HOURSTON Headstone

2. Son: George Logie HOURSTON was born on the 7th September 1864  at Holm and Paplay, Orkney Isles. He was a Mill Owner, Mining Engineer  and a Cyanider. He married Susan HAMILL who died on the 23rd August 1897. They had one daughter Heather Muir HOURSTON who was born on the 22nd February 1894 who married Robert William HEBDEN in 1918. Heather was a School Teacher.  George then married Catherine MONAGHAN on the 29th April 1899. They had a son George James HOURSTON on the 23rd November 1900. He became a chemist and died in 1956. There is also a daughter, Daisy.  They lived at "Eynhallow"on the corner of George Street and William Street, Taringa, Queensland. His sister Jean HOURSTON also resided at this address. George died aged 66 and he was buried on the 18th May 1931 at Toowong Cemetery, Toowong. 

3. Son: David Arthur HOURSTON was born on the 29th July 1869 at Firth & Stenness, Orkney Isles. On the  22nd May 1895 he married Miriam Esther CHURCH in Queensland. He worked as a Labourer, Foreman and Watchman. He died in 1949.

        David and Miriam's children were:
        (n.b) all events were in Queensland, Australia

       1.3.1. May Muir Logie HOURSTON was born on the 3rd February 1899 and died on the 15th April 1912.
       1.3.2. David Arthur Church HOURSTON was born on the 4th May 1901 and died in 1954
       1.3.3. Miriam Edith Joan HOURSTON was born on the 10th July 1907 
       1.3.4. James Albert Kenneth HOURSTON was born on the 5th July 1909 and was buried on the 22nd February 1962 at Tully Cemetery.
       1.3.5. George Cedric Gordon HOURSTON was born on the 7th January 1912 at Chillagoe, Qld and died on the 5th January 1987 at Innisfail, QLD. He is buried in Innisfail Cemetery.

  4. Daughter: Mary Ann HOURSTON was born on the 3rd January 1872.
  5. Daughter: Jane (Jean) HOURSTON was born on the 16th February 1874 at Firth & Stenness. She died in 1958.

Cousin David HOURSTON who was born on the 28th March 1880at Ploverhall, Evie & Rendall to David HOURSTON and Magdalane Yorston HOURSTON also came to Queensland in 1902 on the S.S.Devonshire with his wife Margaret Helen (Ellen) ALEXANDER. He died on the 10th June 1950 at Croydon and Margaret died in 5th March 1931 in Brisbane and was buried in Toowong Cemetery.

David and Margaret's children were:

1. James David HOURSTON born 1903.
2. Joseph Hector HOURSTON born 1905.
3. Francis William Keith HOURSTON born 1909.

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