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James WOOD and  His Descendants

James WOOD was living in Heigh, Linthwaite in 1792 when my son was christened but his wife is not known. There was a James WOOD, a woollen cloth manufacturer who was living in the 1851 census at Highfield, Yorkshire near Huddersfield, he may have been born about 1769 in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire, England. Therefore a possibility is that he is the son of Joseph WOOD and was christened on the 3rd August 1769 in Slaithwaite Chapel in the parish of Almondbury, Yorkshire. Joseph WOOD may have been christened on the 20th November 1743 to James WOOD of Highouse Linthwaite. 
My Son was:  1.1. Zephaniah WOOD
Zephaniah WOOD was born about 1791⁄2 in Linthwaite, West Riding, Yorkshire, the son of James WOOD. In some records he is referred to as Zephamiah. He was christened on the 27th October 1792 in Slaithwaite Chapel, Almondbury, Yorkshire. His occupation was a Woollen Cloth Finisher in 1851 in South Crosland, West Riding, Yorkshire. He died in November 1865 and was buried on the 8th November 1865 at the Holy Trinity Church, South Crosland aged 77 years.He was married to Hannah DYSON on the 19th October 1820 in Yorkshire, England. Hannah was born about 1799 in South Crosland. She died in October 1858 aged 59 and was buried in the Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, South Crosland on the 31st October 1858.

Where Zephaniah lived: 

In 1841 Zephaniah and family were living at Honley Wood Bottom and he was a Cloth Dresser and his age was 45 approx. His wife was listed as 40 approx. Also on that night along with Richard and Charlotte, their other children Mary, John and Martha were home. At the time of the 1851 census, Zephaniah was living with his wife Hannah, son John Dyson and daughters Mary and Martha Ann at Prospect House, South Crosland, West Riding, Yorkshire.

Zephaniah and Hannah's children were:
(n.b. all events have taken place in Yorkshire)

1.1.1. Samuel WOOD was born on the 8th December 1820 and was christened in Broadlands Baptist Church, Almondbury.
1.1.2. Mary WOOD was born about 16 March 1822 in South Crosland and was christened in Broadlands Baptist Church, Almondbury. Mary was employed as a Cotton Warper in 1841. In 1851 she was unmarried and was a Dressmaker living with her parents.
1.1.3. Richard WOOD was born on 8 February 1826 and christened on 16 March 1826 at Queens Street Wesleyan Church, Huddersfield. This record lists Zephaniah as Richard the father (guess the clerk was a little flustered). Richard was employed as a Clothes Dresser on the 1841 Census. He was not with his parents on the night of the 1851 Census.
1.1.4. Charlotte WOOD was born on the 21 February 1829 and christened on the 22 February 1829 at Meltham, Yorkshire. On the 1841 Census she is living with her parents at Honley Wood Bottom, Yorkshire. Charlotte was not with her parents at the 1851 census. Charlotte may have married James RHODES born c. 1829 Longwood (Possible parents Abraham RHODES / Jane CROWTHER)in 1850. This Charlotte had a son Abraham and a grandson John William RHODES born Longwood as per 1881 census. Charlotte's possible death Jun Qtr 1893 if she is James RHODES wife.
1.1.5. John Dyson WOOD was born in 1832 at Honley, West Riding Yorkshire, England. He is recorded in the 1851 census as a 19 year old living with his parents Zephaniah and Hannah and his two sisters, Mary and Martha Ann at Propsect House, South Crosland. He was employed at the time as Woollen Cloth Worker. At the time of his marriage on 1st July 1860 at the Parish Church, Almondbury to Ann KAYE, the 27 year old daughter of Walter Boothroyd KAYE and Hannah ELLAM, they both resided in Netherton near South Crosland. His occupation at the time of his marriage was a Cloth Dresser. Witnesses to the marriage were William GARNER and Joshua DOBSON and the minister was Lewis JONES. Interestingly, John Dyson WOOD chose not to have his fathers name on the marriage certificate even though he was alive at the time. Being an oppportunist and 30, he envisaged a better lifestyle in Australia and emigrated to Brisbane, Queensland and arrived aboard the "Whirlwind" on Wednesday, 17th September 1862 with his wife and three children. Oral history states that he arrived in Australia with 2500 pound and seems to have spent it rather quickly.

J.D. WOOD's Obituary fortunately gives a good insight into his life in Queensland.

"Mr John D Wood, a resident of Ipswich and district for the past 48 years, died at his residence at Maclister Street, near the old brickfields, in the neighbourhood of Sandy Gallop, yesterday morning. He came from Yorkshire, England in 1862 by the ship Whirlwind, and on his arrival in Ipswich commenced brick-making at an old brick-yard, near Sandy Gallop in company with the late Mr Chas. Dellar, Mr Matt Gadd and Mr T ...elldon and others. When the Gympie goldfields broke out, he and others left the brickfields for Gympie. After trying his luck there for two years, he returned to Ipswich, and engaged in farming in West Moreton growing cotton During the 1877 drought he sold out and resumed brick-making on the site where the present railway workshops are erected. In 1879 he returned to the old brick-yard at Sandy Gallop, which he worked up to 1889. Since that time he has lived a retired life. Deceased was 78 years of age, and leaves a family of two sons (Messrs Fred and Thos. Wood) and three daughters (Mrs E. Pigott, Mrs K. Munro and Miss Margaret Wood). His wife predeceased him some years ago.(Queensland Times. 1 Oct 1910, p.3.)

He died an aged pensioner on the 30th September 1910 at his home in Macalister St, Ipswich leaving the surviving children, Fred (48), Thomas (45), Mary (43), Uda (40) and Margaret Ann (35). Two sons and two daughters had predeceased him. His cause of death was Acute Bronchitis, Pulmonary Congestion and Circulatory Failure which he had suffered for a week. He was buried in Ipswich Cemetery by the Anglican Minister, Rev. Jenykn however no headstone remains.

John's wife Ann KAYE was christened on the 18th May 1834 in Almondsbury, Yorkshire. She died on the 21st November 1898 in Macalister St, Ipswich and was buried on the 22nd November 1898 in Ipswich Cemetery.
    John and Ann's children were:  Haven WOOD (John's stepfather) was born in 1858 as Haven KAYE in England. He died aged 13 on the 15th September  1871. Fred WOOD was born on the 16th September 1860 at White Lee, Batley, Yorkshire, England and travelled to Australia per the " Whirlwind" which left London on the 7th June 1862 and arrived on the 11th September 1862 at Brisbane. He married on the 5th January 1882 Lydia Ann STOKAN at the Stokan Residence, Churchill, QLD. Fred died on the 16th July 1926 at Ipswich.
    From Fred's Obituary we have a snapshot of his life:
    "The death occurred at the Ipswich General Hospital early yesterday morning of a very old and highly respected resident of Ipswich in the person of Mr Fred Wood, of Moffatt Street at the age of 65 years. Born at Heckman Whyte, Huddersfield, Yorkshire he came to Queensland with his parents, the late Mr and Mrs J. Dyson Wood when three years of age. Immediately on their arrival, his father took up a farm at Mt Walker subsequently removing to another farm at Milora, and subsquently to Ipswich, where he took up brickmaking on a spot at North Ipswich which is now occupied by part of the railway workshops. Subsequently the brick-works were removed to Maclister Street being carried on there by Mr Wood and his family for a number of years. In 1888, the late Mr Wood opened a hairdressing saloon in East-street, in part of the Palais Royale premises, the late Mr James McGill then being the licensee as well as owner of the hotel. Two years later he removed to Brisbane-street where his son Fred now carries on the business. In 1902 he purchased a farm at Warrill Creek and took up farming, his son Fred managing the hairdressing business till 1915 when he purchased it. About 10 years ago Mr Wood relinquished farming and secured a wood depot in town. He was the last of four brothers- Haven, who was killed by the fall of a tree at Mount Walker many years ago, Samuel, and Tom late of Lowry-street, North Ipswich who died on November 29, 1924. Mesdames Ken Munro, M Pigott and Miss Margaret Wood all of Brisbane are sisters of the late Mr Wood. The sons are - Messrs. Fred Wood (the well-known hairdresser of Brisbane-street), Samuel Herbert (foreman, Blacksmith at Messrs Shillito Ltd), Walter John, Edward John, Arthur Thomas, William Henry, Robert, Haven and Percy. The daughters are - Mesdames Steve Duffy and Harry Cooper, and Misses Elsie and Ethel Wood. He also leaves 22 grandchildren. His wife died on December 8 last year. Although he had been far from well the late Mr Wood was compelled to take to his bed only a little over a fortnight ago. He was a quiet unassuming man and did not take prominent part in public affairs. He was a member of the Central Congregational Church of which he was regular attendant. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at the graveside being conducted by Rev F V Dowling. M.A."
        Fred's and Lydia's Children were: Frederick WOOD (1882 -1963) married Rose Hannah Jane PAYNE (1875-1957) on the 16th July 1903. Walter John WOOD (1883-1960) married Bertha Elizabeth LINNETT (1888-1964) on the 5th November 1912. Edward James WOOD (1885-1932) married Augusta LEITCH (1892-1975) on the 14th February 1917. Arthur Thomas WOOD (1887-1956) married Elizabeth Ellen RATCLIFFE (1896-1979) on the 30th August 1916. Alice Mary WOOD (1889-1978) married Stephen DUFFIE (1889-1934) on the 21st November 1914. Samuel Herbert WOOD (1891-1979). William Henry WOOD was born on the 22 August 1893. He was a blacksmith and a member of the AIF. He died on the 31st October 1971 and was buried with his parents on the 3rd November 1971 in Ipswich Cemetery. Lydia Beatrice WOOD (1895-1970) married Herbert Henry COOPER (1888-1947) on the 13th February 1913. Elsie WOOD (1899-1970) married John HIGHAM (1899-1970) on the 2nd October 1926. Robert Harold WOOD (1901-1947) married Alexandrina LUMSDEN on the 9th September 1929. Ethel WOOD (1904) married Gordon C SMITH. Haven Henry WOOD (1906-1980) married Eileen McKENZIE (1911-2005). Percy WOOD (1908) married Evelyn. Samuel WOOD was born in February 1862 in England. Sam was unmarried. He died on the 20th July 1889 in Maclister Street, Ipswich, Qld. and was buried on the 22 July 1889 in Ipswich Cemetery, Ipswich, Qld. Hannah WOOD was born on the18th May 1864 in QLD. She died on the 8th May 1865 and was buried at Ipswich Cemetery.
Thomas WOOD was born on the 24th July 1865 in Queensland, Australia. He was employed as a labourer. He married Sarah YOUNG (1865-1950) on the 22nd June 1892 in Queensland. Thomas died at the age of 59 at Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich, Queensland on the 29th November 1924 and was buried at Ipswich Cemetery on the 30th of November. At that time he was survived by one son who died 4 months later. Sarah was born in 1865 the daughter of James and Jane YOUNG. The family had resided in Market Lane and Maclister Street, Ipswich.Thomas and Sarah parented 6 children of which 3 died before reaching the age of 4 and the other 3 perished before reaching 31. All are buried in Ipswich Cemetery. Amongst the tragedy of losing his children Samuel's mother died aged 64 in 1898 and his father aged 78 in 1910. Sarah outlasted her husband and children and died on the 10th August 1950 aged 85 after a life that had been filled with so much grieving.

   Thomas’s and Sarah’s children were: Elizabeth Uda WOOD (3 February 1893 - 21 January 1924). Sarah WOOD (23 March 1895 - 18 March 1899) Age 3 yrs 11 months. Richard Thomas WOOD (5 Jun 1897 - 10 December 1900): Age 3yrs 6 months. Catherine Jane WOOD (9 November 1899 - 13 December 1900) Age 1yr 1 month. John Andrew WOOD (21 Mar 1902 - 20 May 1922) Age 20 yrs 3 months. Samuel Harry WOOD (1906 - 25 March 1925) Age 19 years. Mary WOOD. Uda WOOD. Annie WOOD was born on the 4th February 1873 in QLD. She died on the 2nd September 1908 in Ipswich and she was buried on the 3rd September 1908 in Ipswich Cemetery. Margaret Ann WOOD was born on the 24th July 1875 in QLD.

1.1.6. Martha Ann WOOD was born about 1838 in Honley, West Riding. In 1851, she was a 13 year old living at home with her parents. Sadly she passed away at just twenty years of age in December 1857 and was buried on the 15th December 1857 in Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, South Crosland.


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