Book of VARO

William VAYRO was buried on the 14th February 1749 at Coverham, Yorkshire.

William's son was:

1.1. Richard VARO was born about 1710. He  married Jane HORNER (1708-May, 1789 at Hiddlethwaite, Yorkshire) the daughter of Leonard HORNER at Coverham on the 12th May 1729. Richard died on the 9th October 1770 at Gammergill.

    Richard and Jane's children were:

    1.1.1. Mary VARO was christened in November 1731 at Coverham.
    1.1.2. William VARO was christened on the 7th October 1736 at Coverham. He was a tenant farmer and he married Grace HARDCASTLE  the daughter of James and Ruth HARDCASTLE on the 15th December 1764 at Coverham. Grace died in 1788 at Carlton/Melmerby, Yorkshire and William died on the 26 May 1823 at Coverham.

        William and Grace's Children were: Richard VARO was buried on the 9th October 1770 at Coverham. James VARO was born about 1760. William VARO was christened on the 29th May 1768 at Coverham. He was tenant farmer. He married Esther LYE (1764 -1832), a daughter of Thomas LYE and May GRAHAM . William was buried on the 27th December 1826 at East Witton, Yorkshire.

            William and Esther's children were:

     Mary VARO was christened on the 6th July 1797 at East Witton.
     William VARO was christened on the 20th July 1799 at East Witton.
     John VARO was christened on the 3rd November 1805 at East Witton.
    Richard VAYRO was born in 1808. He married Mary Ann BUSSFIELD, who was born in 1811. Richard was a Farm labourer. Mary Ann died on the 17th December 1857 at East Witton aged 46 years. Richard died on the 4 Mar 1892 at East Witton aged 84.  Their tomsbstone marks these events. They had 10 children.

   Elizabeth VARO was christened on the 6th August 1769 at Coverham. She married Robert LAZONBY who was christened on the 13th March 1762 at Bishop Auckland, Durham, the son of Edward LAZONBY. Robert died on the 13th November, 1851 at Trimdon, Durham. Elizabeth died on the 24th April 1853 at Trimdon, Durham. They had 8 children.

   Christopher VARO  was christened on the 16th March 1770 at Coverham. He married Nancy on the 15th December 1796 at Coverham. They had 2 children.    

      1.1.3. Ann VARO was christened on the 8th September 1739 at Coverham. She married William ROBINSON on the 6th February 1769 at Coverham.       

      1.1.4. Alice VARO was born about 1742 and died in 1798.
      1.1.5. John VARO was christened on the 14th July at Coverham. He was possibly a publican in 1823. He died on the 27th August 1827. John married Elizabeth (Betty) BLAND who was born about 1745 and was buried on the 2nd November 1833 at Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Wensley, Yorkshire.

        John and Betty's children were: Elizabeth VARO was christened on the 9th November 1782 at Coverham. She married John WINSBY on the 5th July 1804 at Wensley. Witnesses to the marriage were William WINSBY and Alice THOMPSON. They had 6 children. Elizabeth either died in 1855 or 18557 at Leyburn.  John died on the 3rd February 1851. (Refer Book of WINSBY).   Margaret VARO was born about 1783. Alice VARO was christened on the 15th November 1785 at Coverham. Jane VARO was christened  on the 15th November 1785 at Coverham.

      1.1.6. Elizabeth VARO was christened on the 9th February 1751 at Coverham.

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