Book of SPENCE

George SPENCE married Elizabeth NEWTON in 26th November 1733 at Bedale in Yorkshire. Elizabeth was buried on the 28th September 1788 at Burneston, Yorkshire. George was buried on the 24th November 1795 at Burneston.

George and Elizabeth's child was:

1.1 William SPENCE was christened on the 8th March 1743 at Bedale, Yorkshire. He married Frances who was born in 1747 and died in 1822. William died in 1823. He lived in Carthorpe, Yorkshire in 1806.

    William and Frances's children were:
    1.1.1. Mary SPENCE was christened on the 21st February 1790 at Carthorpe. She was buried on the 2nd July 1806 at Burneston.

    1.1.2. Frances SPENCE was christened on the 29th January 1792 at Carthorpe. She married Samuel PRATT on the 15th January 1814 at Burneston. They had 8 children (refer Book of PRATT). Frances died in 1861 and Samuel in 1862.

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