Book of SKAIFE

John SKAIFE married Margaret who was buried on the 28th June 1776 at St Leonards, Sandhutton near Thirsk. John was buried on the 21st October 1778 at St Leonards, Sandhutton near Thirsk.

John and Margaret's children were:

1.1.  Henry SKAIFE was born about 1729 and was buried on the 16th September 1731 at St Leonards, Sandhutton near Thirsk.

1.2.  Frances SKAIFE was born about 1733 and she married John METCALFE on the 29th November 1757 at Sandhutton near Thirsk. They were blessed with eight children.  (refer Book of METCALFE by clicking on John METCALFE). John died August 1793 and was buried on the  21st August 1793 at St Leonards Church, Sandhutton, Yorkshire, England. Francis  to John SKAIFE and his wife Margaret.Frances died in August 1804 and was buried on the 25th August 1804 at St Leonards Church, Sandhutton.

1.3.  Amelia SKAIFE  was christened on the 21st January 1735  at St Leonards, Sandhutton near Thirsk and was buried on the 10th March 1735 at  St Leonards, Sandhutton near Thirsk.


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