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William SCARTH married  Ann HARPER. He was a Farmer and died before 1841.  His wife Ann was still alive aged 80 in 1841 living at Reinbout, Orkney Isles and was farming.

William and Ann's Children were:

1.1.  Margaret SCARTH was christened 5th October 1788 at Evie & Rendall, Orkney Isles.

1.2.  William SCARTH was christened 18th March 1790 at Evie & Rendall.

1.3.  James SCARTH was christened on the 8th May 1794 at Evie & Rendall. James married Lydia IRVINE, the daughter of James IRVINE and Jacobina HOURSTON on the 15th May 1818 at Evie & Rendall. They both belonged to this parish. James's occupation was a Master Mason and who resided at Henly (1841, 1851) and Upper Henly (1861). All of their children except Mary were living with them in 1841. Margaret and Jean were still unmarried and at home in 1851. Living close by was their daughter Lydia and husband, David  MOODIE and their son, James in 1851. Daughter Mary was living in Stromness in 1851. Our daughter Mary immigrated to Queensland then moved to Victoria, Australia and our daughter Lydia immigrated to Victoria.

    James and Lydia's children were:


1.3.1. Margaret SCARTH was born on the 3rd September 1818 at Evie & Rendall. No christening has been found.

    1.3.2. Lydia SCARTH was born about 1822. She was christened on the 20th July 1822 in Evie & Rendall. She married David MOODIE, a resident in the isle of Gairsay on the 8th December 1848 in the parish of Evie & Rendall. David was born about 1817 and christened on the 6th April 1817 in the parish of Sanday, Orkney Isles. He was the son of James MOODIE and Grace GUTHRIE. David was a Farmer and Mason. In 1851 they were residing at Henly, Orkney Islands. They immigrated to Australia between 1851 and 1854. They had 9 children. Lydia and David both died at Leigh Road, Victoria and are buried in Bannockburn Cemetery, Victoria. David died on the 11th August 1898 and Lydia died in 1901.

      David and Lydia's children were:

   James MOODIE who was born in 1849.    

   William MOODIE was born in 1854 at Duneed, Victoria. He married Laura Madiera RAYNOR (1855 - 1940). He died on the 3rd of November 1940 at Geelong West and was buried at Bannockburn Cemetery.

   David MOODIE was born in 1856  and he died in 1900 at Geelong and was buried at Bannockburn Cemetery. 


   Grace MOODIE was born 1858 at Duneed. She married her cousin William STOKAN (1857-1923). She died on the 11th May 1931 at Toowoomba, Queensland and is buried in Toowoomba Cemetery.

    Emma MOODIE was born 1860 in Victoria.

   Amy B. MOODIE was born in 1861 at Gheringhap, Victoria. Lydia MOODIE was born in 1863. She died in 1940 at Geelong West and was buried at Bannockburn Cemetery. Mary MOODIE was born in 1865. She died on the 14th of November 1922  at Blackburn and was buried at Bannockburn Cemetery. James MOODIE was born in 1969 at Batesford, Victoria. He died on the 12th January 1954 at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne and he was cremated at Springvale Crematorium.

    1.3.3 Mary SCARTH was born on the 3rd May 1825 at 
Evie & Rendall, Orkney Islands. No Christening found. She married William Stobes STOKAN (1832-1902). Mary d
ied on the  11th November 1908 at Elsternwick, Victoria at 83 years. She is buried in the Presbyterian section of Brighton Cemetery.

    1.3.4. James SCARTH was born on the 9th June 1928 at
Evie & Rendall. No Christening found.

    1.3.5.  Jane (Jean) SCARTH 
was born on the 24th November 1928 at
Evie & Rendall.

    1.3.6. David Pitcairn SCARTH was born on the 20th July 1833 at Henly, Evie & Rendall.

1.4.  Magnus SCARTH  was christened on the 17th October 1799 at Evie & Rendall.

1.5.  Mary SCARTH  was christened on the  5th October 1788 at Evie & Rendall and married James PEARSON, a Farmer and Woollen Weaver on the 31st December 1819 at Evie & Rendall. 

James was born about 1789 at Evie & Rendall, the son of James PEARSON and Jean IRVINE

James died on the 20 April 1868 at Lawgay, Evie & Rendall. 

Mary died on the 26th April 1878 at Lawgay, Evie & Rendall from General Debility and Old Age.

    James and Mary's children were:

    (Nb: all birth events took place at Evie & Rendall)

    1.5.1.  Mary PEARSON was born 27th September 1821.


Eliza PEARSON was born on the

25th July 1823 at ?Birn Burn. She married David SINCLAIR (1824-1910). Eliza died on the 13th November 1902 at 4 Victoria Road, Kirkwall.


William PEARSON was born on the 10th September at Upper Briar.

1.5.4. Margaret PEARSON was born on the 14th October 1828 at Sagay. She married James Leask WORK. Margaret died in 1860 at Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

  1.5.5. James PEARSON was born on the 28th July 1832 at Sagay.


1.5.6. Jean (Jane) PEARSON was born in  1834.

  1.5.7. John PEARSON was born on the 16th December 1839 at Sagay. He married Margaret SPENCE (1840-?). John was the informant at his mothers death.

1.6.  Ann Duquid SCARTH was born 1805.

Other SCARTH's from Evie & Rendall:

Alexr SCART m. Jannet DOWNIE 31 December 1744- Children: Helen chr. 2 June 1761 and 1 male chr. 1 april 1763 (IGI)

Lydia SCARTH c 1802. residing Bridge Street, Kirkwall aged 49 Unmarried, employed as a straw plaiter b. Rendall and her neice Ann HALCROW c. 1819 aged 32, unmarried, a Bonnet Maker b. Rendall. (1851 Census)

James SCARTH (1805-11 MAY 1888, Mistra, Evie) Married: 29 DEC 1828, Evie to Elizabeth (Eliza) Philip FOLSETTER (1805-?)
Children: Malcolm SCARTH(1830-1914), James SCARTH( 1835-?), William SCARTH(1839-?) (IGI)

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