Book of ELLAM

Abraham ELLAM and his descendants

Abraham ELLAM  was born about 1779 in Lockwood, West Riding, Yorkshire. He was christened on the 24th May 1779 in Almondbury, Yorkshire, England. His father was Abraham and his mother Betty TATE. They were married in Almondbury on the 28th August  1768. Abraham was their eighth child. More information on Abraham's parents and siblings appears in Norma Neill's book.

Abraham married Nancy LEONARD (Lenox, Lennox) on the 19th October 1801 in St Peters Parish Church, Huddersfield, Yorkshire.  Nancy was born about 1778/1779 in Huddersfield. Abraham was residing in 1841 with his wife at Crosland Factory, South Crosland. Their grandsons, William WOOD (10) and John WOOD(8) were staying with them on Census Night. At this time Abraham was employed as a Cloth Dresser. Abraham was buried on the 25th January 1844 in South Crosland Parish Church Cemetery, aged 65 years.

After his death Nancy was a Domestic Worker in 1851 at Crosland Mill, South Crosland. She was buried on the 7th October 1852 in South Crosland Parish Church Cemetery.

Abraham and Nancy's children were:

1.1  Hannah ELLAM was born on the 6th September 1803 in Highfield, Yorkshire.  She was christened on the 15th November 1803 at the Independant Chapel, Highfield, Pole Moor, Yorkshire, England. She was married to Walter Boothroyd KAYE on the 11th November 1821 in St Peters Church, Huddersfield and was the mother of seven children. She was buried on the 1st January 1843 in South Crosland Parish Church at 39.  

1.2.  Mary ELLAM was born on the 23rd May 1808 in Huddersfield.  She was christened on the 20th June 1808 in Highfield Independant Chapel, Highfield. She was married to Giles WOOD on the 6th July 1828. They had ten children. William WOOD was born about 1831 and John WOOD about 1833. In 1841 census their sons, William and John were staying with Abraham and Nancy at Crosland Factory, South Crosland.

1.3.  Martha ELLAM was christened on 2nd February 1823 in South Crosland Parish Church. She was buried on the 28th November 1839 in South Crosland Parish Church at only 16 years of age.

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