Book of DALTON

Photo courtesy John GASSON (probably published in the early 1900s (probably around 1904), the publisher was J. Frisby of Uckfield, Sussex).

John DALTON (DORTON) a labourer was christened on the 20th April 1777 at Buxted, Sussex, his parents  being John DORTON and Martha WOODGATE. On the 29th October 1798 he married Ann MAYNARD who was born about 1781 in Withyham, Sussex, England. The witnesses to the marriage were Thomas MAYNARD and John ADAMS. On the 15th November 1825, John DALTON  died at age 48. Ann MAYNARD then married Thomas HEMSLEY and she died on the 28th March 1863 at Dane Gate, Rotherfield. Ann was the daugter of Thomas MAYNARD and Ann EVEREST.

John and Ann's children were:

    1.1 William DALTON was christened on the 22nd September 1799 at Withyham.

    1.2. Mary Ann DALTON was born in Withyham,  about 1801. She was christened on the 24th January 1802 in Withyham. On the20th January 1821 at the age of 20 she married Henry COTTENHAM (1799) in Withyham. In 1841 they were living in Blackham. In the year 1843, Mary Ann DALTON died in the East Grinstead District, Sussex, England. Henry then married Elisabeth who bore him 5 more children. Henry was a farm labourer at Mr Woodmans, Blackham. Henry died before 1861.

    Henry and Mary Ann's children were:

        1.2.1.  Caroline COTTENHAM  was born about  1833.

        1.2.2.  Margaret COTTENHAM  was born about 1836.

        1.2.3.  Ephraim COTTENHAM  was christened on the 10th August 1843 at St Michaels, Withyham. In 1875 at Tonbridge, Kent he married Laura Maria PACKHAM who was born about 1855 at Wadhurst, Kent. Laura died in 1913 at Reigate, Surrey and Ephraim died in 1919 at Epsom, Surrey.

            Ephraim and Laura's children were:

   Mary Elizabeth Hannah COTTENHAM  who was christened on the 30th April 1882.

   George James Henry COTTENHAM was born about 1878 and he was christened on the 30th April 1882. In 1901 he was a carter on a farm at Reigate, Surrey.

   Charles Ephraim COTTENHAM was born in 1880 at Uckfield, East Sussex. He married Ketuarah Jane BAILEY in 1905 at St Giles, London and he died in 1943 at Southampton.

   Alfred Edwin COTTENHAM was christened on the 13th April 1882 at St Michaels, Withyham. In 1901 he was a Brickmaker Temperer. In 1911 He married Naomi RICHFIELD at Croydon. Alfred died in 1928 aged 46.

   Caroline Sophia L COTTENHAM was christened on the 11 May 1884 at Ashurst, Kent and she died at 9 years of age at Reigate, Surrey in 1893.

   Peter COTTENHAM was born in 1887 at Hartfield, Sussex.

   Sydney COTTENHAM  was born in 1891 at Hartfield, Sussex.

    1.3. Martha DALTON was born about 1803 and christened on the 16th June 1805 at Withyham. She married James MORLEY on the 23rd October 1827 at Withyham and they had 13 children. She died in 1892 at Buckland, Tasmania.

    1.4. Jane DALTON (DORTON) was born about 1803 and christened on 17th October 1803 in Withyham. On the3rd March 1821 at the age of 18 she married Charles COTTENHAM who was born in 1802  in St Michaels, Withyham. On the  8th May 1839, Jane died at age 36. Charles was employed by William CROWHURST of Pound Farm, Blackham. 

        Charles and Jane's children were:

        1.4.1. William COTTENHAM was born about 1821 in Withyham. He married Frances SNASHELL on the 4th July 1840 at St Michaels, Withyham. He was 19 and his bride 24. Frances was the daughter of Abel SHOEBRIDGE

            William and Frances's children were:

   Louisa COTTENHAM was born about 1840.

   Jane COTTENHAM was born about 1843. Jane married John TIDY on the 18th October 1863 at St Michael's, Withyham.

   David COTTENHAM was born about 1845.

   Sarah COTTENHAM  was born about 1847.

        William then married Ann BASSETT about 1860. In the 1881 Census he was living at Blue Houses, Speldhurst, Kent and in 1901 he was in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

    1.4.2. Jane COTTENHAM  was christened on the 15th December 1822 at St Michaels. She married John HEASMAN the son of Samuel HEASMAN and Mary WISE on the 1st September 1839 at St Michaels,Withyham and she died in 1856.

            John and Janes's children were:

  Susannah   HEASMAN was born on the 8th November 1839 at Withyham and was christened on the 15th December 1839 St Michaels, Withyham.    

   Thomas  HEASMAN was born on the 15th June 1841 at Withyham and was  christened on the 18th July 1841 at St Michaels, Withyham.

   Mary Ann  HEASMAN was born in 1843 at Withyham.

   Samuel  HEASMAN was born in 1844 at Withyham and was  christened on the 21st July 1844 at St Michaels, Withyham.

   Elizabeth Ann  HEASMAN was born in 1845 at Withyham and was  christened on the 7th September 1845 at St Michaels, Withyham.

   John  HEASMAN was born in 1848 at Withyham and was  christened on the 2nd March 1848 at St Michaels, Withyham.

   Charles  HEASMAN  was born in 1849 at Withyham,  and was  christened on the 7th October 1849 at St Michaels, Withyham.

   Frances Jane  HEASMAN was born in 1851 at Withyham,  and was  christened on the 15th June 1851 at St Michaels, Withyham.

   Phoebe HEASMAN was born in 1854 at Withyham and was christened on the 10th August 1854 at St Michaels, Withyham.

   Hannah HEASMAN was born in 1855 at Withyham and was christened on the 4th November 1855 at St Michaels, Withyham.

    1.4.3. Elizabeth COTTENHAM  was christened on the 18th February 1827 at St Michaels, Withyham.

    1.4.4. Elizabeth COTTENHAM was christened on the 29th November 1829 at St Michaels, Withyham.

    1.4.5. Caroline COTTENHAM was born about 1832. She married William GAMMON in 1854 at Camberwell, London. In 1881 the family was living at Blackham, Sussex. William died at Penshurst, Kent in 1886.

            William and Caroline's children were:

   Emily GAMMON was born on the 9th May 1857 at Gas Lane, Tunbridge Wells and she married Abraham CROWHURST in April 1877. They had 5 children.

   Minnie GAMMON was born about 1862 at Tunbridge Wells and married George COTTENHAM who was born in 1859 in 1884 in the Tunbridge Wells District.

   Thomas GAMMON was born about 1864 at Tunbridge Wells and in 1881 was living at Blackham.

   Caroline GAMMON  was born about 1866 at Tunbridge Wells. She married Edward DIVALL who born about 1867. In 1881 the family was living in Penshurst, Kent.

                Edward and Caroline's children were:

       Beatrice DIVALL.

       Edward DIVALL.

       Mabel DIVALL. 

   Margaret GAMMON was born about 1861 at Tunbridge Wells. In the 1881 she was living at Blackham. 

    1.4.6. Ann COTTENHAM was christened on the 29th December 1833 at St Michaels, Withyham.

    1.4.7. George COTTENHAM was born on the 11th August 1838 at St Michaels, Withyham. He was a farm labourer. He married Sarah ALLEN on the 4 April 1868 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

            George and Sarah's children were:

   John COTTENHAM was born on the 4th March 1869. He married Eliza Ellen PRESCOTT on the 2nd September 1894. They had 7 children. He died in 1951.

   William (Bill) COTTENHAM was born in 1870 and died on the 25th January 1940. He married Sarah Ann HEATH  and they had 5 children.

   Elizabeth COTTENHAM was born in 1872.

   Mary Anne COTTENHAM was born about 1873 and had 1 child. 

   Jane COTTENHAM was born on the 23rd January 1876 and died in 1955. She married Charles Henry George COOMBER on the 7th March 1896. They had 4 children.

   Fanny COTTENHAM was born about 1878 and married Humphrey GASSON on the 27th April 1901. They had 7 children. 

   Hannah COTTENHAM was born about 1880.

   Henry Thomas COTTENHAM was born about 1884.

   Edith Ellen COTTENHAM was born about 1886.

    1.5. John DORTON was born about 1807. He married Elizabeth FRANCIS on the 28th February 1830.

        John and Elizabeth's children were:

        1.5.1. Elizabeth DORTON

        1.5.2. Philly DORTON

        1.5.3. Jane DORTON was born in 1833. She married William BROOKER on the 21st September 1859.

           William and Jane's children were:

   Elizabeth Jane BROOKER was born about 1861.

   Mary Ann BROOKER was born about 1863. She married Michael O'SULLIVAN on the 25th December 1882.

   Sophia BROOKER was born about 1865.

   Louisa BROOKER was born about 1869.

   Emily M BROOKER was born about1872.

        1.5.4. George DALTON (DORTON) was born about1835. He married  Elizabeth.

            George and Elizabeth's children were:

   Ann DALTON (DORTON) was born about 1857.

   William DALTON (DORTON) was born about 1859.

        1.5.5. John DORTON was born about 1838.

        1.5.6. Alfred DORTON was born about 1847.

        1.5.7. Rosanna DORTON was born about 1849.

        1.5.8. William DORTON was born about 1855.

        1.5.9. James DORTON was born about 1858.

    1.6. Hannah DALTON was born about 1809 and had two children David and Jesse.

    1.7. James DALTON was born about 1811.

    1.8. Matilda DALTON was born about 1813.

    1.9  George DALTON was born about 1815.

    1.10.  Ann DALTON was born about 1816. She married William FROST on the 13th February 1837. She died in 1894.

        William and Ann's children were:

        1.10.1. Ann FROST was born on the 9th November 1837.

        1.10.2. William FROST was born 9th November 1837.

        1.10.3. James FROST was born 22nd December 1839 and he married Susanna HUGGETTon the 16th July 1865. 

            James and Susannah's children were:

   James FROST was born about 1866.

   Mary Ann FROST was born about 1868.

   George FROST was born about 1869.

   Sarah Ann FROST was born about 1874.

    1.10.4. Margaret FROST was born on the 30th April 1841 and she married (1) James LLOYD and m.(2) Unknown 

   William UNKNOWN was born about 1862.

    1.10.5. Roseanna FROST was born about 1843.

    1.10.6. Mary Ann FROST was born about 1845 and she married Alfred OFFEN on the 20th November 1864.

    1.10.7. John FROST was born about 1846. He married Mary Ann UNKNOWN in December 1869.

           John and Mary Ann's children were:

   Eliza Annie FROST was born in 1873.

   Mary FROST was born in 1880.

    1.10.8. Harriet FROST was born about 1848. She married George BUCKTHORPE

    1.10.9. Jane FROST was born about1849.

    1.10.10. George FROST was born about 1851.

    1.10.11. Emma FROST was born about 1853. She married Frederick GOLDSMITH on the 8th April 1871.

    1.10.12. Sarah FROST was born about 1860 and died in 1874.

1.11. Robert DALTON was born about 1819.

1.12. Louisa DALTON was born in 1822. She married Obadiah GAMMON on the 25th August 1844. Louisa died on the 23rd April 1899. 

    Obadiah and Louisa's children were:

    1.12.1. Martin GAMMON was born in 1845. In 1874, he married Elizabeth MCEVOY. He died in 1930. 

        Martin and Elizabeth's children were: Mary Louisa C. GAMMON was born about 1876. Thomas Edward GAMMON was born 1878. James Joseph GAMMON was born in 1880 and died in 1880. Annie Winifred GAMMON was born on the 23rd October 1881. She married Henry Thomas RIXON on the 25th April 1911. She died on the 26th June 1920.  Denis M. W. GAMMON was born in 1884. Albert W. GAMMON was born in  1886. He married Eileen POWER in 1923 and he died in 1977. Martin L. GAMMON was born in 1888.

    1.12.2. Thomas GAMMON was born on the 6th  May 1846. He married (1) 1872 Mary SMITH married (2) 1878 Christina MACDONALD. Thomas died on the  28th September 1930.

        Thomas's children were: Ann GAMMON died in 1877. Harriett GAMMON was born in 1874. Annie GAMMON was born in 1876 and died 1877. Christiania Louisa GAMMON was born in 1880.

    1.12.3. Mary Ann GAMMON was born in 1847. She married John HARRISS on the 6th February 1865. Mary Ann died in 1929.

        John and Mary Ann's children were: Robert O. HARRISS was born in 1868. Robert married Jessie M. WHITFIELD in 1888. He died in 1933. Benjamin W. HARRISS was born in 1870. Benjamin married Janet SMITH in 1897. Benjamin died in 1958. John Thomas HARRISS was born in1871. He married Amy ELLIS in 1889. John died in 1898. George Edwin HARRISS was born on the 27th July 1872. He married Ellen TRIGGELL on the 31st July 1894. George died on the  22nd August 1962. Martin Joseph HARRISS was born and died in 1875. Anastacia M. HARRISS was born in 1876 and died in 1877. Albert David HARRISS was born in 1878. He married Clara May ROBERSON on the 1st September 1907 and he died in 1971. Frank Lisle HARRISS was born on the 21st March 1880. He died in 1952. Annie Gertrude HARRISS was born in 1882. She married Albert Everard POLLOCK on the 8th August 1906.   Percy Arthur Ernest HARRIS,  was born in 1886. He married Etta FENWICK on the 11th May 1910. He died on the 12th February 1973.   Alice Louisa HARRIS was born on the 15th June 1888. She married Daniel E. MCGREGOR  on the 24th March 1907. She died on the 27th May 1956. Charles E. HARRISS was born in 1891.

    1.12.4. George Dalton GAMMON was born on the 14th July 1850.  He married Mary Ann CAMPBELL on the  29th January 1876. He died on the 23rd November 1932. 

        George and Mary Ann's children were: Louisa Mary GAMMON was born in 1877. Thomas Francis GAMMON was born in 1879. He died in 1954. George Edward GAMMON was born in 1881. He died about 1972. Ada A. C. GAMMON was born about 1886 and died about 1972. James W. GAMMON was born and died in 1888. Percy William GAMMON was born about 1893. He married Elizabeth Ethel COX  in 1926. He died in 1940. 

    1.12.5. Harriet GAMMON was born on the 25th September 1852. She married Joseph RIXON  m. 25 Sep 1875  Harriet died in 1922. 

       Joseph and Harriet's children were: Henry Thomas RIXON was born 04 May 1876.  Annie Winifred GAMMON on the 25th April 1911. He died on the 3rd September 1951. Louisa Amy RIXON was born in 1878. She married David WHITE. She died on the 7th June 1940. Joseph Martin RIXON was born in 1881. He married Maud PADINGTON. He died in 1957. George William RIXON was born on the 5th October 1883. He married Elsie May JARVIS.  He died on the 9th February 1960. Benjamin James RIXON was born on the 3rd November 1886.  He married Maude Adeline PARKER in 1909. He died on the 10th May 1959.

            Benjamin and Maude's children were:

   Obediah RIXON was born on the 9th November 1888. He married Ellen EDNEY. He died on the 1st November 1953.

   Emma Jane RIXON was born  on the 27th July 1891.

   Bertha Daisy RIXON was born on the 20th March 1894. She married (1) Albert David HARRIS and then (2) Robert QUIGGShe died on the 11th November 1965.

   Leslie Charles RIXON was born on the 12th May 1897. He died on the 23rd May 1965.

    1.12.6. Obediah GAMMON was born on the 12th March 1854.

1.13.  Eleanor DALTON was born in 1825. She married Thomas COLBRAN on the 8th December 1849.

    Thomas and Eleanor's children were:

    1.13.1. Charles COLBRAN married Anne PRATT

        Charles and Anne's children were: Anne COLBRAN. Ernest COLBRAN. Frank COLBRAN. George COLBRAN. Henry COLBRAN. Kitty COLBRAN. Lesley COLBRAN. Mary COLBRAN Elizabeth Isabel COLBRAN was born on the 15th April 1903. She died in 1975.

    1.13.2. Ann COLBRAN was born about 1845. She married William SIMMONS on the 24th June 1868.

        William and Ann's child was: Jane COLBRAN was born about 1848. She married.(1) Unknown and then (2) Henry W. PAIGE .

            Unknown and Jane's children were:

   Jane Sophia Kemp COULBROUS was born  about 1871.

   John H. R. COULBROUS was born  about 1873.

            Henry and Jane's children were:

   George T. PAIGE was born  about 1878.

   Kate G. PAIGE was born about 1880.

    1.13.3 Christiana Sophia COLBRAN was born  about 1850. She married Jabez BAILEY on the 16th November 1867. 

        Jabez and Christiana's children were: Trayton Ernest BAILEY was born  about 1868. Eleanor BAILEY was born on the 18th September 1869. Leah BAILEY was born on the 19th May 1871. Thomas BAILEY was born  on the 22nd December 1874. Caleb J. BAILEY was born about 1876. Albert BAILEY was born in 1879. Ada Annie BAILEY was born about 1882.

    1. 13.4. James COLBRAN was born  about 1853.

    1.13.5. Edward COLBRAN was born  about 1855. He married Alice WILMSHURST on the 29th January 1876.

    1.13.6. Eleanor COLBRAN was born about 1858. She married James BALDOCK about 1880. 

        James and Eleanor's child was: Kate Eleanor BALDOCK  was born in 1880.

    1.13.7. Thomas COLBRAN was born in 1862. He married (1) UNKNOWN and(2)  Mary HOMEWOOD on the 9th February 1884.

        Thomas and Mary's children were: Edith COLBRAN was born in 1884. Anne COLBRAN  was born in 1885. Bertha COLBRAN was born in 1887.

    1.13.8. William Ernest COLBRAN was born about 1865.

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