In physics, positives attract negatives and vice versa,

but in human relationships the opposite is true.

Negative people attract only other negative people,

while positive thinkers attract like-minded individuals.

You will find that when you begin to achieve success more successes will follow.

This is the law of harmonious attraction.

When you use the tools that you have at your disposal,

to prepare yourself for success and

visualize yourself as having already reached your objective.

You then can achieve any reasonable goal that you set for yourself.

Working from home, is a great idea and one that many people strive to accomplish.


Welcome to A New Concept in Home Based Business.

We believe it is more blessed to give than receive, so if we can help You,

Your Family, and Friends become financially independent,

and do it with Paying it Forward for You.

Then Why Not Start Today! 3 to the 3rd Power is – Unbelievable? No it`s Real.

Pay – It – Forward for just three (3) friends.

I’m going to leave you with this to think about,

Level ZERO will pay out $330.00 US dollars plus,

in money goods and services, the Horizon of the three (3) friends/3 Pillars.

Now, just think about what level twelve will pay out, or see the ’ Team Hero Bonus`.

Pay it forward
buyers club, is a private by invite only,

earning module, like nothing else, ever seen before.


Certainly, offering their distributors many advantages and benefits.

Let's examine just one of those benefits.

The company is associated with UBIEE.

The UBIEE Corporation S.L. is a Spanish Trading Company,

with its Main Focus's to support a cleaner Environment.

The Company was established in May 2007, and is part of the RingSMS España S.L.

(established in June 2002) Group, which is the,

World Wide Organiser for the UBIEE ENVIRO Products/Services

UBIEE-GREEN gives the world a solution to combustion engine emission NOW,

not in 10 years time, plus more Introducing the UBIEE Power Pill,

an inexpensive product that reduces 78% of greenhouse emissions,

from your car plus so much more.

UBIEE-GREEN gives you an opportunity to contribute toward ,

climate change and environmental awareness.

Introducing the UBIEE Environment Project where your contribution returned to you.

It is called, `Contributional marketing` and is very different & visionary product.

UBIEE-GREEN gives you fantastic web hosting deals, plus more
Introducing PLANET UBIEE Web Hosting – fantastic web hosting deals,

from this visionary organization that pours its profits back into climate change awareness.

Each package includes a contribution (for you) into the UBIEE Environment Project.

Again a very different & visionary product brought to you by UBIEE-GREEN.

This is a cost effective solution for NOW -

if you can afford the fuel, you can afford the UBIEE Power Pill,

because the UBIEE Power Pill, will pay for itself in fuel economy.

(Also it is not that expensive)

Climate Change issues are in the news every day. Climate Change is here NOW

we are experiencing it almost daily.

We are now experiencing freak weather incidents the world over.

We are experiencing.

Super Storms with hail as big as tennis balls;

Australia is experiencing tornadoes,

when they have never experienced tornadoes in living history.

The weather is changing folks, and it is called Climate Change.

UBIEE is here to offer a solution NOW.

We all know about global warming and weather incidents.

People want to know more about Climate Change

and how they can reduce their emissions.

Get to know UBIEE and what we can offer you.

Become an Environmental Ambassador now and talk to your family, your neighbours.

Whilst industry and government are slowly making changes, you,

as an individual, can take action now and be a part of the solution with the UBIEE Power Pill.

Please Click for Audio Presentation.

This New Zealand product has been trialled and tested over 15 years

and is safe for your vehicle, diesel or gasoline or diesel bio fuel.

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

Its effectiveness has been proven by many existing UBIEE clients:

As you have just read, Pay It Forward Buyers Club certainly has many benefits and

they are to help the environment.

Hey, most people have a green thumb today and like to help out mother earth,

any way they can.

Do you have to buy Pay It Forward Buyers Club leads?

Will you have to call you family and friends about Pay It Forward Buyers Club?

Relax. Breathe easy and know there is a workaround solution to your dilemma.

All you really need to do to build a home based business

and develop a residual income is Buy Customers.

No stress or worry at the end of the month to qualify.

Not to forget the fantastic EMAIL 2.0 that was released, with its ground breaking technology,

March 1st 2008.

Wow, this is fantastic, finally a way to identify exactly who sends you emails,

trace where the email comes from and control spam email, forever.

Buy Customers Not Leads.

I would ask those who are really interested, to please contact me,

personally, for more information.

I look forward, to meeting up with real people,

who wish to work as a team player and great company.

As a user of all UBIEE products for  a full year,

I am so excited, I just cannot help, but share this, with the whole, wide , world.


 Please click below the Picture to view and sign,

World Peace Solution.


1 x 14 x 30.

World Peace, Sharing, Teamwork,

Caring, sharing and a Company that is strongand actual cares about people.

Can you believe, this is possible?

Well I can assure you, it really is possible.

Please send me email at : pifinfo@mentorkeith.email-2-0.com

You may also add me to Skype messenger with the ID: aussiekeith56.

You may also add me to yahoo messenger with the ID: keithspiritualove.

Whatever you decide to do,

I really believe we have a winner here with a very stable company.

Mr Keith A Rankin.

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